10+ Short Suits You’ll Love To Wear This Summer

Something about a tailored pant suit for women that just makes you look so put-together. Now, with summer in full heat, you’ll love wearing shorts suits.

One of the biggest dilemmas is dressing comfortably for the office during the summer. Suits may be a clear choice for the office and now you can have the best of both worlds. Above all, shorts suits can easily go from the office to an early dinner date with your significant other.

Although shorts suits have been back on the scene for the past few summers, they had their major moment in the 80s and 90s — remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?

This time around, think muted earth tones, cinched waists, and broader shoulders.

Also, paper-bag and bermuda shorts are the way to bring this style into this decade. The look is more relaxed and casual and can be paired with flats or sandals.

10+ Short Suits You’ll Love To Wear This Summer

Houston lifestyle blogger in short suits

First, if you want to stay cool, try a light material — linen, crepe, or cotton are all great choices. Since you’ll be layering the blazer on top of a shirt, you could also opt for a sleeveless top for extra comfort when it’s hot outside.

Second, try to keep the look monochromatic or with the same print. This keeps your outfit looking sophisticated and put-together. In addition, for a little added fun, pair your suit with like-minded hues. Try a lighter blazer with a darker hue on the bottom.

Finally, take your top into consideration. You’ll probably take off your jacket at some point if you’re outside, make sure your top looks great with your shorts.

Imagine wearing long-sleeves underneath your jacket and your antiperspirant decides to expire, you’ll be stuck with some wet armpits. That’s why I prefer a sleeveless top or tank if I’m going to be outdoors.

Bermuda Shorts Suit

Bermuda short suits
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Womens short suits
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Pinstripe bermuda short suits
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Summer Neutrals Suit

Off-white shorts and blazer
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Women's white short suit
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Shorts suits for summer
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Prints & Patterns Suit

Floral short suits
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palm leaf short suit
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Bright floral short suits
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In short (pun intended), I hope you found some inspiration in these looks. These short suits are a great option this season for office or weekend. The best part about it is that you can interchange both pieces to give your wardrobe some extra options.

Houston fashion blogger Maria Munoz shares short suit styles

Try pairing a floral blazer with white jeans for a polished date-night look, or a pretty blouse with the shorts to create a whole new outfit. Whatever you decide, have fun with it and stay cool.

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