30 Blazers for Women + Tips On Finding the Perfect Blazer Fit

Blazers for women are having a major moment this season and for good reason! Putting on a classic blazer instantly gives an outfit more sophistication and presentability. It’s that article of clothing that instantly elevates an outfit — even a plain shirt and jeans.

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If you’re a fan of blazers for fall, you’ll love the blazer styles we’re sharing today. These are blazers that will look amazing this season and they’re styles that can easily transition for years to come. I love styling blazers with jeans, but you could also pair them with a midi skirt or a pair of leggings.

Single-breasted v. Double-breasted Blazers

This traditional office style has easily become a staple for women all over the world. When choosing a blazer, it’s best to narrow down your search for the type of blazer. The most basic categories are single-breasted versus double-breasted blazers.

Single-breasted blazers will have one row of buttons on the front. On a double-breasted jacket, you will find that the blazer is cut so that the front overlaps giving room for two rows of buttons.

Double-breasted blazers will give a more classic and vintage style. Many of the boyfriend-style or oversized blazers we’re seeing today will have a double breast fit.

Single-breasted jackets are more of a modern and trendy fit. They are also sleeker and look great if you’re looking to accentuate your frame.

30 Blazers for Women Under $100

The Classic Black Blazer

A classic black blazer is that one item fall item everyone should have in their closet. This capsule wardrobe staple pairs so well with just about anything! The amount of outfit ideas is large so be sure to invest in a good quality blazer that fits you well.

Play It Up With Plaid

Now that the temperatures are starting to dip, something about sporting plaid just feels so right — don’t you think? I love a good plaid blazer to add a sophisticated and timeless print to a simple outfit. Imagine any of these over a black sheath dress or even a simple tank and denim.


We’ve been seeing faux leather everywhere these past few seasons and, by the look of things, there’s no slowing this trend down. We’re seeing faux leather pants, shorts, shoes, jackets, and now blazers!


I love a camel coat or jacket for fall and the camel blazer is definitely a must! Pair with light wash denim for an early fall look that transitions nicely from summer. Also, try layering on top of a crew neck white tee for a fresh, sophisticated look.

White Blazers

While we may see more light-colored blazers during the warmer months, a crisp white or off-white blazer is a fresh look to try. Winter whites are so hot, try pairing them with similar color trousers for a chic winter look.

How To Find The Perfect Blazer Fit for Women

When shopping for a blazer there are a few “tests” that the blazer must pass before coming home with me. I don’t recommend purchasing a blazer online just because you cannot try it on. Yes, you could make a return but when available, hop into a store and try it on.

  1. First, you want to check out where the seam falls near your shoulder. It should align with the edge of your shoulder. If it hangs down your shoulder, the blazer is too big. If it lays on top of your shoulder closer to your neck, then it is too small.
  1. Next, with the blazer on, try to wrap your arms around yourself like you’re giving yourself a hug. You should be able to get your arms around you — it may feel a bit snug but not constricted. If you cannot even bring your arms to touch then, it’s too small, size up.
  1. Finally, take a look at where the bottom of your sleeves falls. Unless you’re purchasing a ruched sleeve, the bottom of the sleeves should cover your wrist. It should not fall below that first knuckle on your thumb. If it does, but the rest of the blazer is a good fit, you may be able to get it tailored (many stores offer this for free, just ask!) Just remember that when you bend your elbow, it will ride up a bit so you want to give it some slack.


When looking for a wardrobe staple like a blazer, you want the fit and look to withstand the test of time. Classic fits made from good materials will take some time to find, so please be patient. Shop around and try on a few before deciding on a purchase.

These are some of the best places to start:


I hope you find some inspiration from these tips and picks. Not only are they great style finds but they’re affordable too. A great blazer will make transitioning into fall and winter super easy. If you’re on the hunt for additional transitional fall items, check out this post for more!

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