5 Denim Trends To Rock This Fall

Denim — the beloved fabric has been worn for over 140 years and although it was first invented for working clothes, it has evolved to be worn by just about anybody you can think of.  I’m sure Queen Elizabeth has a pair somewhere in her vast collection of designer garb.  I absolutely cannot live without a good pair of jeans.  They are always in style and can be paired with just about anything.  Dress them down with some sweet kicks or slip into some sky-high stilettos to really chic up your look.  You really can’t go wrong with denim.  And that is why I’m so happy to see this closet staple transform this fall.  So many variations of the trend are popping up everywhere that it’s got me going GA-GA for denim.  So let’s take a look at some denim trends you’re sure to see around town.
THE FRAYED HEM- This distressed hem style took some getting used to for me.  But when I saw it paired with a classy heel, I was hooked.  The hem is usually cropped which makes it ideal for showing off a cute bootie.  Also, the best part about this trend is that you can create it with those jeans you keep hidden in your closet.  Just take some scissors to the hem and voila! It doesn’t need to be perfect.  Just pull some of the fibers loose around the edges and you can pull it off.

EMBROIDERED DENIM- I can honestly say that I am so in love with this trend.  The only downside is that you can’t pull off wearing the same pair multiple times a week.  Unlike a basic, blue jean that no one can really tell you’ve worn three times in row.  An embroidered jean is unique.  It stands out and makes you get noticed for all the right reasons.  I recently laid my eyes on the most amazing Topshop pair in Nordstroms.  It had this gorgeous yellow-satin stripe down the side of each leg and floral embroidery that was to die for.  You really have to let this pair speak for itself and keep the rest of your look a bit muted.  A simple tee or blouse will work wonders.

LACE-UP DENIM- This is a new trend for me and I have to say it is one that has stuck.  I first saw the trend on one of my favorite bloggers, interiodesignerella.  She wore this white pair and styled it with her Vince Camuto slides.  It was just swoon worthy.  The lace detail on the front of her ankle was the best accent to those shoes she was wearing.  I also saw a pair with lace detailing with a split hem that was so rocker-chic.  I love, love, lovethis pair.

TWO-TONE DENIM- I swear, the first time I saw this trend back in stores a few months ago, it took me back to my freshman year of high school.  I had these flared jeans that had patches of different colored denim along the front of the pants.  I may have looked like a patchwork quilt at the time, but I thought I was so cute!  The trend now may not be as busy as what I was wearing, but it is definitely head turning.  I would opt for a more subtle look.  Maybe a darker side-hem, but definitely no patches, OK!!??!

DISTRESSED DENIM- OK, so this trend isn’t exactly new in 2018, but it does have some staying power, don’t you think?  How long have we been wearing ripped jeans?  And I don’t think this trend is going away anytime soon.  So embrace it! Now, there is a thing as going toooooo overboard with the trend.  If I can see your whole thigh, you’ve gone too far.  Just a peak of skin is what you need to keep it chic.  What I love about this trend, is that it looks so good when you dress it up but it can go completely side ways when dressing it down.  I like to keep it structured, not sloppy.  I mean, let’s face it, the jeans already look like they’ve been through the spin cycle about a bazillion times, so don’t go too carefree with the rest of your ensemble.

I am so excited to see these trends pop-up in our Instagram feeds this fall.  I can’t wait to see the different variations of denim and also the different ways people make this look their own.  There’s no way to get it wrong.  So do what you do.  Pair it with a boxy blazer, maybe layer them with a cozy cardigan.  Whatever you decided, make it you!

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