Easy 5 Minute Makeup Routine to Get You Out the Door

This post is all about my 5 minute makeup routine and the products I love to use. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Best Everyday 
Makeup Routine

Most days, I like an easy and effortless makeup routine. I like to keep things light and quick, so this 5 minute makeup routine will be perfect if you’re in the same boat.

This everyday makeup routine is very similar to when I was working in the office. It’s a great makeup routine for work because it’s not too bold, but you still feel beautiful and put together.


STEP 1: I like to start with a little moisturizer to help create an even, hydrated canvas. I will sometimes use my SPF for moisturizer (this one is so good because it has niacinamide.) If you have dry spots, you’ll start to notice the makeup cake on your dry spots and create an uneven foundation.

STEP 2: Then, I follow up with my Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation. This is a medium to full-coverage foundation but I feel it is comparable to a tinted moisturizer or CC cream.

STEP 3: Next, I apply the Charlotte Tilbury Radiant Concealer on the inner corners of my eyes. I also apply some around my nostrils to hide broken capillaries and redness. My chin also gets a little love because I notice my makeup tends to disappear here throughout the day. The concealer is thicker so it helps to adhere to my skin for longer wear.

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STEP 4: I then apply bronzer. Love this matte bronzer from Charlotte Tilbury. I apply it along my hairline and also at the hollows of my cheeks. I have now started to apply bronzer under my chin and jaw and blend it down my neck towards my collarbone.

STEP 5: I go between two different blushes depending on what look I’m going for. If I want a dewy, fresh look, I apply Honest Beauty’s cream blush. It is so pretty and blends easily.

If I want a more matte look with a bit of luminosity, I apply Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillow Talk.

STEP 6: Next, I start with my eyes. I usually use my bronzer as eyeshadow. Just a bit along the crease of my eyes helps give me some dimension.

Following this, I apply my clear brow gel. I love this NYX brow gel because it’s so easy to use and super affordable. I’ve saved a ton of time by not having to fill in my eyebrows which used to take me forever.

I started using this eyebrow serum and it helped fill in some trouble spots. My eyebrows grew so much so I went to get them threaded and now they look amazing! Just some clear gel to style them the way I like and that’s it!

STEP 7: I got this Lune + Aster Mascara as a sample and just had to restock! It’s a fiber mascara so it’s a little different when you want to take it off. Just some warm water and gentle eye rubs will make this mascara flake off. But it goes on so well and lengthens and separates.

STEP 8: I like to keep my lips as effortless as possible. I apply this Rare Beauty lip liner and smudge on my lips. This gives me the pretties rosy nude color. Very similar to CT’s Pillow Talk but way cheaper.

STEP 9: I top off my lips with a lip gloss or balm. I am obsessed with Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Balms and have been using this lip plump for a while. I use the color Cherry Blossom and it’s such a pretty neutral color.

STEP 10: Finally, I use Laura Mercier Translucent Powder to get rid of any shine. I like the dewy look, so I apply just a little bit right underneath my eyes, my chin, and my T-zone.

I love using EcoTools makeup brushes. They are inexpensive and hold up their shape. I also restock these beauty sponges often on Amazon.

This post is all about an easy 5-minute makeup routine.

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