5 Summer Hair Accessories You’ll Want This Season

Summer is here and this season’s must-have hair accessories for women are definitely a blast from the past. Are hair accessories still in style in 2020? Absolutely! And while they may not be new to the fashion scene, this year we’re going big with 5 hair accessories for summer.

You’ll be seeing tons of ‘easy hair’ with pretty accessories to tie it all in. Because who wants to spend all their time under a hairdryer in the summer?

Many are opting for the natural look and embracing their natural texture. Thanks to months in quarantine, many are forgoing hours of hairstyling for a more simple, manageable look.

All you’ll need is to add an accessory to keep hair off your face and you’re done. Here are the top 5 summer hair accessories we’re gushing over.

Best Hair Accessories for Summer 2020

Hair Clips

This summer’s hair clips are dainty and best in a set. A great way to add some sparkle to your messy WFH hair. We’re loving a personal touch with your name or initials and also beach-inspired baubles.

best hair accessories for women in 2020
Courtesy of brand

Custom Hair Pin

Baublebar $28

Hair accessories for women
Courtesy of brand

Shelby Hair Clip Set

Anthropologie $24

Giant Scrunchies

Think big, fluffy, colorful ones! A big trend this season, scrunchies are having a moment from their first big break in the 80s. We also love them because they tend to be gentler on hair. Depending on the material, scrunchies may help prevent hair from breaking.

big scrunchies for summer accessory for summer 2020
Courtesy of brand

Sheer Super Scrunchie

Free People $12

Hair accessories for the summer
Courtesy of brand

Tabitha Floral Scrunchie

Anthropologie $8


Another timeless hair accessory trend that is hot in 2020 are barrettes. Barrettes are so versatile and make it so easy to adorn a simple half-up hairstyle. Barrettes are also a bit more hair-friendly than hair ties as they keep you from excessive tugging of your strands. We’re loving the marine-inspired embellishments.

clam barrette hairstyle
Courtesy of brand

Mega Shell Barrette

Free People $20

Shiny barrette for hair accessory
Courtesy of brand

France Luxe ‘Volume’ Rectangle Barrette

Nordstrom $28

Bucket Hats

Another blast from the past — bucket hats are back in 2020! What’s not to love with an accessory that doubles as sun protection. This summer accessory has longer brims and has fun textures like straw and frayed hems.

orange and white stripped bucket hat
Courtesy of brand

Seaside Stripe Frayed Bucket Hat

Free People $48

colorful bucket hat with beads
Courtesy of brand

Over The Rainbow Straw Hat

Free People $68


The headband is holding strong as a must-have hair accessory for the season. There is a variety of headband styles to choose from; padded, velvet, gem-encrusted (faux-pearls are so hot right now), braided, and with topknots. This functional accessory looks great on any length hair and also keeps it out of your face.

topknot headband Hair Accessories for Summer
Courtesy of brand

Parker Knotted Headband

Anthropologie $18

fushia headband with jewels for summer 2020 hair accessory
Courtesy of brand

NAMJOSH Classic Embellished Headband

Shopbop $50

These summer hair accessories are sure to add some much-needed mood boost to your day. Try one or try them all, chances are you’ll love wearing them all season long.

Click here for more hair tips and inspiration.

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  1. 5.22.19
    WhyToStop said:

    All your accessories are so cute … Hairclips and kids bows are pretty finds

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      Luna & Isabella said:

      Thank you!!

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    Olga said:

    Love these ideas! So cute!

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      Thanks for reading!

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    Rachel said:

    I love them all and need one of each!


    • 5.23.19
      Luna & Isabella said:

      Yes Girl!!

  4. 8.8.23
    Zala Hair said:

    These summer hair accessories are a must-have! From cute headbands to stylish hair clips, these accessories are perfect for adding a touch of flair to any summer hairstyle. I love the selection!

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    Hey, Thanks for sharing these beautiful hair accessories. I will definitely try on my braided hairstyle.

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    Hey, hair accessories look cool. I hope these are useful for curly hair 16 inch