Activewear To Keep You Comfortable At Home

These days, you may be experiencing a ‘new normal’ which consists of staying home and self-isolating. It’s been an adjustment for my family and I since school was cancelled and I have been instructed to work from home.

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For those of us whose days consisted of daily commutes to an office, working from home can be a little hard to navigate.

Before self-isolation, I would start my day by dressing in business-casual attire. That’s all changed since my office is now down the hall from my bedroom.

Instead of just rolling out of bed and getting to work in my pajamas, I do like to at least change into something comfortable. This is also a great way to boost your mood.

Mood-Boosting Outfits

If you’re like me, dressing up and applying a bit of makeup can really make the difference with how I approach and navigate my day. Being put together just makes me happy — and that’s what we all need about now.

I’m most comfortable wearing my gym clothes like leggings, comfortable sports bras and pullovers. I love having matching sets because not only are they easy to locate and put on, but they also creates a put-together outfit.

My absolute favorite brand is Fabletics. I’ve been a Fabletics member for years and love their styles and fabrics. They’re easy to move in, are squat-proof (if you know what I mean) and affordable. I fell in love with all their legging for the comfortable fit and amazing styles.

Every month, there is a debit from my account for $49.95. With this credit, I have the option to either shop discounted sets or I can keep the credit for later use. I have the option to opt out of having my account debited but must physically opt out every month by the 5 day of the month. If I do this, then my account will not be debited.

And if you sign up now, you get 2 pairs of leggings for $24! Plus, free shipping on orders over $49.95 and easy exchanges!

New VIP Membership Exclusive: Get Your First Two Pairs of Leggings for $24!

Fabletics is also available in-store. They recently opened a Fabletics store here in Houston and can’t wait to visit after quarantine is over. In the meantime, head over to their site to check out the cutest styles.

Here’s a couple of my favorite looks from Fabletics as seen on Instagram:

photo credit: Bailey Peyton

photo credit: Kyleigh Garrison

I hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy!! Try to keep positive — I know it’s not easy to be derailed from our everyday lives. Especially with so many people losing their lives. Cherish everyday and this time that you have your family close. I’ll try to continue to bring you light and bright content to put a smile on your face.

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