Get Ready for Airy Styles Trend to Take Over, According to Pinterest

Wondering what airy styles trend includes and whether it’s a fashion trend you want to partake in? Here’s what Pinterest says will be in this season. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. See full disclaimer here.


If you’ve been here for a while, you know that we’re not always the ones to hop on fashion trends.  But while we love a good capsule wardrobe, we’ve found a trend we may have to dabble in.

According to Pinterest, with about 400 million users searching on the platform, airy styles are set to make a huge statement in 2023 — think ruffles, tulle, sheer, and shimmer.   


After the past few years of living in loungewear, people will be looking forward to showing off their bodies with sheer and breathable outfits. 

This soft take on Y2K fashion is soft and feminine with ethereal vibes regardless of gender identity. 


  • Shimmery dress +365%
  • Lace top long sleeve +225%
  • Tulle sleeves +65%
  • Ruffle shirt men +95%
  • Sheer pants outfit +70%

I love the looks coming from the runways but this can be a little hard to pull off for everyday wear. These looks below can be a little more attainable.

To see more “airy styles,” check out our Pinterest board here.


While this airy style trend may seem a little over the top for everyday dress, there is a way to incorporate this ethereal style into your wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for a workwear option or something for a night out, here are some airy styles to get you inspired: 

This post was all about airy style trends and Pinterest predictions.

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