3 Denim Short Finds on Amazon

With the start of every summer, I find myself frantically searching for denim shorts that A) Will not show my bum and B) Are comfortable to wear. I found these 3 Amazon denim shorts and can’t wait to share with you.

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I have pair of white denim shorts from last year, but definitely needed some blue, denim shorts. Here is what I found on Amazon:

The first pair is from Free People and I’m wearing size 28. They are by far my favorite.

Next up is this pair from Levi’s. They were a bit short but still high waisted denim shorts which is a preferred style.

And last, this pair from Levi’s which are also high waisted denim shorts. I like that they hit mid-thigh and absolutely love the distressed hem. They are the most comfortable and I am wearing size 29.

Be sure to watch the video above for a more complete review. Also, here is the link for my top and sandals in the video. They are both on repeat because I absolutely love them!!

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