Best Amazon Office Must Haves to Elevate Your Workspace

This post is about how to spruce up your work-from-home office with these Amazon office must haves. As an Amazon influencer, I receive a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

best amazon office must haves

Whether you are working from home or in a cubicle, your workspace setup can greatly affect productivity.

At least it does for me. Clutter and disorganization easily distract me from the work I need to get done.

So when I quit my job and started working from home as a content creator, I knew I had some major work ahead of me.

I converted a spare bedroom into my home office and hopped on Amazon to find affordable and aesthetic office accessories that would inspire me to create.

I wanted the space to feel clean, organized, and feminine. I’m a sucker for neutrals so a light and airy space was a must.

This post is all about the best Amazon office must haves.


The best home office accessories and furniture must serve a purpose. It doesn’t hurt if it’s also pretty to look at.

For me, neutrals create a calming and aesthetically pleasing setting. This really gets my creative juices flowing.

I look for Amazon home office accessories that will also help with my everyday tasks and make my life easier.

One of my most recent buys is the acrylic computer stand. I spend hours hovering over my laptop. This acrylic laptop stand raises my laptop so I can look forward instead of down, promoting better posture.

An ergonomic office chair is also a must. For bloggers, sitting for long periods of time can hurt your back. An ergonomic home office chair gives you the support you need when sitting for long periods of time.

Here are more of my cute office supplies from Amazon.

amazon office must haves

1. 12 pcs Neutral Gel Pens – I’m always jotting down notes or writing on my planner. I guess I’m just a millennial like that. It’s also important that a pen glides easily and these are amazing.

2. Daily Planner To-Do Notepad – This notepad is great for planning your day. From a schedule to a priority list, writing down a to-do list will help you get organized and stay productive.

3. Wireless Charging Station – As content creators, we’re constantly on our phones. Having a charging station nearby means you can recharge your devices within arm’s reach.

4. Digital Clock / Time Block Cube – I really love how sleek and chic this digital clock looks. A great way to stay on track. You could also get a time cube timer to help you time block for a more productive day.


5. Wireless Keyboard + Mouse – This keyboard and mouse combo is one of my most used items. While I’m efficient on my MacBook Pro trackpad, having a wireless mouse makes things so much easier. I also love the wireless keyboard and the round buttons.

amazon storefront-2


6. 18″ Desk Lamp – Sometimes you may find yourself working late into the night. Make sure your workspace is properly lit to avoid eye strain. Also, some blue light-blocking glasses will help if you’re someone who works on your computer for hours at a time.

7. Acrilyc Monitor Stand – This monitor stand has been so useful. It has storage compartments and even a phone holder. But the best part about this stand is that it raises my laptop so I’m not hunched over while I work.

8. Cord Organizer – As a content creator, I rely on a ton of devices that have a ton of cords and chargers. It can get a little chaotic trying to keep them neatly in one place. This cord organizer allows you to store your cords and other office essentials in a cute, compact case.

9. Ergonomic Office Chair – The ergonomic backrest of this chair will help support your back if you have to sit for long periods of time. I made the mistake of buying a pretty, tufted chair with minimal seat cushion, and now I’m paying for it. If I could do it over again, I would definitely buy an ergonomic chair to save my back.


10. Filing Cabinet – A filing cabinet is crucial if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner. Keeping all your important documents in one place will make your life a whole lot easier. Stay organized with this 3 drawer filing cabinet.

11. Deskpad – This faux leather desk pad does a great job of protecting my office desk. It’s large and covers a lot of surface area. I also love the neutral beige color.

12. Clear Drawer Organizers – This 15 piece drawer organizer set will help you keep all your desk accessories separated and make them easier to find. The clear organizers also work well with any desk color and can be arranged to your liking.

13. Multiport Adaptor for Mac – In order for me to use a wireless keyboard, I needed an adaptor and this one is best! It has 7 multiuse ports including 1×100W PD charging port, 1×USB 3.0 Type A data port, 1×USB 2.0 Type A data port, 1×USB 2.0 Type C data port, 1×4K @30Hz HDMI port, and 1×ST/TF slots.


Having an aesthetically pleasing workspace can really help with creativity and efficiency. If you want to make your desk look pretty and appealing, look for desk accessories in the same color.

PRO TIP: To diminish a colorful office decor, look for acrylic desk accessories. These blend in with whichever color scheme you are aiming for and look chic and understated.

Not sure where to start? Head over to and type in the search bar ‘______ desk accessories.’

Insert the color you are going for; white, neutral, pink, or black. Check the search results and start adding the accessories you need to your cart.


This post was all about the best Amazon office must haves.

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