The Amazon Services Saving Parents Money and Time

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Amazon Prime Services

Most days, you can find an Amazon truck stopping in front of our house. Amazon has definitely been a go-to service for us.

The number one reason for using Amazon and its services is to help me maximize my time. Does anyone else feel like there is never enough time in the day? I feel like since becoming a mom, my days just seem to fly by.

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And because I crave the feeling of accomplishment, I rely on Amazon to help me reach my goals. Whether it’s buying groceries or batteries, Amazon has definitely helped save my family time and money.


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5 Amazon Services to Save Time


I’m not sure if this is a crutch or a blessing. In this day and age, our lives seem to go a mile a minute. I’ll admit that the delayed gratification of the past is long gone.

Nowadays, anything you need can be delivered to your door in less than 2 days — sometimes overnight. But when you think about it, there are those times when you absolutely need something ASAP.

If I can’t get it at my local Target or Walmart, I resort to Amazon. There are so many benefits of an Amazon Prime membership, but the one I truly take advantage of is same-day or next-day shipping. You also get access to Prime Day, a two-day shopping event exclusive to Prime members.

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I’ve never been one to sit down on a weekend afternoon and read a book. I love books, Barnes and Noble are a favorite, but it’s hard for me to sit and read when there’s so much to do.

With my schedule, the only time I have left is just before bedtime. But as soon as I pick up a book, I’m asleep 2 pages in.

That’s why I love Audible. I listen at work and it allows me to “read” some bestsellers.

Prime Wardrobe

I love shopping but these days, it’s near impossible to get to a mall by myself for some clothes shopping. I’ve tried home clothes delivery services before, so when I learned about Prime Wardrobe, I just had to try it.

Not every item on Amazon is available for Prime Wardrobe. If it is, you can add up to 6 items to be shipped to your home before purchasing.

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Once it arrived, you have 7 days to try on and return what you do not like. Your account on file gets debited for the items that you keep.

Prime Wardrobe is a Prime-exclusive program where you can “try before they buy” eligible items across women’s, men’s, kids, and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Whole Foods Market on Amazon

This may be more of a perk if you have Whole Foods nearby. I love using this service because I do my grocery shopping while I’m at work and it’s ready for me to pick up on the way home.

Depending on how soon you need to pick up your groceries, you may get the service for free. If you need it immediately, there is a small fee to get it completed in under an hour.

This has been such a life, and time, saver. I also get to shop for items that I actually need. No more temptations!!

Prime Video

This last Amazon service may not be a time-saver but is perfect for lazy weekends. My husband and I love watching movies.

Once the kids are asleep, we like to catch up on TV and movies on the weekends. Prime Video has an amazing selection and there’s always something to watch.

Prime Video is also included in your Prime Amazon membership. They offer a wide selection of movies right in your own home.

Have you tried any of these services? Let me know your favorite in the comments.

This post was all about the best Amazon services for busy parents.

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  1. 9.29.21
    Amanda said:

    Love audible! When I’m traveling, I put it on. Especially at the airport or when I have a long drive.

    • 9.29.21

      Yes!! I really love to hold a book, but audible allows me to actually “read” it and usually in a couple of days.