The Aperol Spritz Recipe Giving All The White Lotus Vibes

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I’ll be honest. I never gave this drink option much thought until I watched season 2 of The White Lotus. Episode after episode, I noticed a running theme.

Aperol Spritz anyone? In case you’ve never seen the HBO hit, season two takes place in a Sicilian resort on a backdrop of gorgeous beaches and historical Italian countryside.

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In the resort, the main characters are sipping an orange cocktail in a wine glass — the Aperol spritz. Intrigued, I decided to make the drink at home.



In order to make an Aperol Spritz, you’ll need a few items. One of the main ingredients is Aperol. Aperol (11% alcohol content) is a bright orange Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona, among other ingredients.

The Aperol liqueur I used in this recipe can be found in just about any store that sells alcohol. I found it at Total Wine & More.

Aperol Spritz Ingredients

  • ICE – I used cubed. If you have a fancy ice machine that can make the ice pellets, even better.
  • APEROL – Make no substitutions. The orange bottle is it!
  • PROSECCO – I used La Vostra Prosecco Rose and it was delicious. Not too dry and gave the drink a delicious taste with its strawberry and white peach undertones.
  • ORANGE WEDGES – I used naval oranges for this recipe. You could also squeeze some of the orange juice into the cocktail to mellow out the bitter taste. I cut wedges and just placed two in the wine glass.

This drink is all made in glass. To begin, pour enough ice to fill half of the wine glass. Next, pour 3 ounces (or 1 part) of Aperol into the glass.

Then, pour 3 ounces (1 part) prosecco into the glass. Followed by a splash of club soda (about 1 ounce.) Finally, insert your orange wedges on the inside of the glass.

The whole Aperol Spritz recipe is over ice. Be sure to put enough ice. You want it chilled — perfect for a hot summer day or when dining al fresco.

This post was all about how to make an Aperol Spritz.

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