4 Casual Black Shorts Outfits for Women

Summer may be winding down, but now is a great time to wear these black shorts outfits. Not only are they casual and chic, but can easily transition into fall.

Black shorts are a great capsule wardrobe staple; items you’ll wear year after year. There are many ways you can take a black shorts outfit, but I wanted to keep it more on the elevated casual side.

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To achieve the looks seen here, I started with these black shorts from Target. They were originally $25 but I managed to snag them at 30% off! They are made of 97% rayon and 3% spandex for minimal stretch. Rayon is similar to linen but heavier so it gives a more luxurious look and feels.

When looking for an elevated look, try to stay away from trends and look for classic fits. Nothing too tight or too short — no mini-shorts okay? While the shorts seen here are labeled paper bag shorts, they are more of a pleated look. They do, however, have a tie belt, but you can definitely do without it.

how to wear black shorts outfit ideas


The great thing about black shorts is that they will pair well with just about anything. The trick here is to consider the fit and choose a top that plays well with proportions.

Because these shorts are fitted at the waist and loose below the hips, you want an outfit that will easily tuck into the shorts. Due to the ornate belt, you want to show that off so either a half-tuck or full-tuck will be ideal.

I love this casual, fun look for grabbing lunch with a friend or heading off to the farmer’s market. The sweater tank is a step up from a usual tee and the color just adds a neutral tone to the whole outfit. Keep it super casual with some slides.

Next, pair your black shorts with a classic long sleeve button-down. You could really pick just about any color, but black and white are just so fresh and classic in my opinion. Roll up the sleeves to give it a more casual vibe. You could make it a little more dressy but pairing with some cute heels and a chic purse.

The trick when wearing these wrap-around heels is making sure the shorts hit above your knee. Really, any footwear that clasps or wraps around your ankle. If you’re wearing Bermuda shorts or any other shorts that hit below the knee, wrap-around footwear will cut off your leg and make you look shorter.

Another way to make this outfit a bit more elevated is switching out the sash belt with a leather belt with a trendy buckle.

For a more casual outfit with black shorts, you could pair it with a chic printed crew neck t-shirt. This one was only $10 but definitely not your run-of-the-mill tee.

Finally, as the weather starts to cool, swap the t-shirts for a cute crew neck sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is so chic and basic, I just love it! It was $20, but I feel so sophisticated even in a sweatshirt.

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