Summer vacation is in full swing and many families are busy making travel plans with their crew. But how prepared are you when flying with kids? I remember my first trip with a baby back in 2016. We were flying to Ecuador to visit family for Olivia’s first birthday. I…

13 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

School’s out for summer!! Struggling to find fun things to do with the kids this summer; here’s 13 summer bucket list ideas your kids will love! RELATED: Visit the Kids Shop I’ve even included this fun, printable PDF so you can check off the boxes as you go. Be sure…

Valentine’s Day Crafts Your Kids Will Love

I love doing crafts with my kids but sometimes I have a hard time finding something both girls will love to make. That’s why I’m so excited to share this fun Valentine’s Day craft that is perfect for young and little big kids. I went to Michael’s to search for…

What Our Kids Need + Backyard Fun

I would consider myself a new mom.  My kids are under the age of 5, so yeah that’s pretty new to me.  I have yet to experience most of the “situations” I’m sure to encounter in the coming years.  I don’t even want to think about the adolescent years and…

Top 10 Oral Care Tips for Kids

A winning smile can go a long way for our kids. It can be the difference between radiating confidence or projecting self-doubt. We all want our kids to excel and be the best they can be. That is why it is so important for us to teach them how to…

Mom Guilt and How To Get Over It

Mom guilt is like Aunt Flo, it comes and goes and sometimes it’s a little more intense than others, but we all survive, right?  Sorry, but that is the best way I could describe it.  It’s a feeling us moms get from time to time — sometimes more than once…

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