How I Wore a Topshop Dress As a Coat – Chic Fall Outfit Idea

I recently shared how to wear this exact Topshop dress in two ways; today I’m sharing another way to style this as a chic fall outfit. Who knew this trendy, black faux-leather dress would make a very chic and stylish coat?

I’ve noticed that as I get older my styling choices have started to change. I’m pulled towards more neutral colors but still like a chic silhouette.

Chic, Fall Outfit Idea

I first fell in love with this dress because of the puff-sleeves and, of course, I can’t get enough of faux leather; especially in the fall.

Houston style blogger Maria Munoz of Bella Style Living fashion blog shares how to style a Topshop dress as a coat
Houston lifestyle blogger shares a chic fall outfit idea from Topshop
Top US style blogger shares how to style a chic fall outfit
Houston style blogger Maria Munoz shares an autumn chic outfit

The dress has a row of buttons from the neckline to the hemline. This allows you to also wear this Topshop favorite as a coat.

I paired it with my favorite black jeans from Levis. These jeans are so comfortable and very flattering. I love the raw hem and the minimal distressing look allows you to really dress it up, but with some edge.

Houston style blogger Maria Munoz shares a chic fall outfit ideas for 2020.
Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz of Bella Style Living in chic fall style
Top US style blogger Maria Munoz shares how to style a shirtdress as a coat

My top is from Zara and less than $20! Perfect for any chic fall outfit. Here’s a similar style. I love the padded shoulder top look because it gives an hourglass illusion. Because I have wide hips (hi, Latina here, nice to meet you) I appreciate the added width up top. Not to mention, it gives the illusion of a smaller waist (if you’re into that, if not — rock on sister.) 😘

I finished off the look with another favorite find. These heels are so pretty and I love the minimal style. They’re croc-embossed and faux leather as well. 🙌

Houston style blogger shares a chic autumn style outfit
Top US lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz of Bella Style Living shares how to style a chic, neutral outfit for autumn

I hope this outfit gives you some inspiration and confidence to wear your existing clothing in different ways. Let me know below what’s your one piece of clothing that you wear again and again?? An don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for more fashion finds.

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