12 Gorgeous Coffee Table Books to Elevate Your Space

I’ve always been a sucker for inspirational coffee table books. Whether at someone’s home or a doctor’s office, good reading material paired with gorgeous photography are my favorite.

Once, while accompanying Olivia at a friend’s birthday party, I got sucked into a book about Houston’s history. Each page filled with black and white photography from the early 1900s which I would compare to an updated photo of the same locale on my phone. Call me a history nerd, but I love seeing photos of anything from long ago.

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I’ve been on a home decor kick as of late and can’t wait to share a few favorites of mine. I’ve been growing my book collection because it’s such a diverse decor piece. You can stack them on a shelf, a coffee or console table, and (yes) a bookcase. I also love that a good coffee table photo book can really draw you in and occupy your time — something we’ve all had a lot of this past year.

12 coffee table books to decorate your home

What makes a great coffee table book?

A good coffee table book can serve many functions. Not only can it be great for decorating, but can also serve as a conversation starter. I prefer books with neutral tones to make it easier to mix and match when I get the itch to rearrange items in my home. Coffee table photo books about a historical fashion designer or a compilation of interior design photography can entertain and educate at the same time, and it’s why I love them so much.

Coffee Table Photo Books from Amazon

Amazon has been a great resource for finding beautiful coffee table books. A local bookstore or Barnes and Noble also carry books that will look great in any space. When I started to look for books to decorate with, I also wanted to be a bit intentional with my selection.

I started by buying a few books that I knew my girls would love and also had an element of diversity and girl power. I loved these books and I get so much joy when I see them pick them up and look through the gorgeous photography.

I’m also really into catering to my design aesthetic and I knew I wanted books with neutral tones. I have a ton of shelf space so books can really spruce up the space. Here are a few that will look great in any space.

I hope you got some inspiration from these coffee table books for updating your home this season. These books are timeless and also make a great gift. Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite.

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