Copper Eyes For Fall Featuring Pixi by Petra Endless Shade Stick

I first came across Pixi by Petra endless shade stick while mindlessly strolling the aisles of Target. I’ll usually venture into the beauty department and then I saw it! The most gorgeous shade of shimmer pink and it was on stick!

I’m all about fast, easy, and accurate. Most mornings, I’m rushing out the door. So if I find a beauty product that can cut my get-ready time in half, I’m all for it.

Pixi Endless Shade Stick

The Pixi endless shade sticks comes in 7 highly-pigmented colors. This two-in-one stick can be used as a color liner or you can blend or smudge for a sultry, shimmery eyeshadow.

I’ve tried to use it as eyeliner, but the tip is too blunt. Works best when you first open the package but it will dull as you begin to use it. So, no I was not able to get a thin, eye-liner like look.

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I was, however, able to get really pigmented color on my lids and the creamy consistency made it easy to blend with a blending brush. You can even use your finger to smudge if you’re going for an edgy, smokey eye.

The Pixi Endless Shade Sticks come in 7 colors — Pearl Luster, Pink Quartz, Matte Cognac, Copper Glaze, Bronze Blaze, Matte Cocoa, and One & Done.

I first purchased Pink Quartz because I loved the shimmery, soft pink color. It went well with my daily, neutral makeup look. I like to swipe some on my lower lids and smudge it into my taupe-colored shadow. It gives it a little pop.

I really enjoyed this hue, but wanted something more sultry. I decided to go with Pixi by Petra endless shade stick in Copper Glaze. The color is bold, shimmery, and can make your lids stand out even if you keep the rest of your look minimal.

How to Use the Pixi Endless Shade Stick Tutorial


I hope this tutorial was useful. If you’ve tried the endless shade stick before, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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