Cozy Tie-Dye Loungewear You’ll Love

Tie-Dye Trend

What’s old is new again — tie-dye is the latest trend to take hold in the fashion industry and one that is likely to put a smile on your face.

As we’re all facing uncertain times and spending more of our time at home, what better way to boost your mood than tie-dye loungewear!

You can find tie-dye in just about everything; shirts, shorts, hoodies, socks, and hair accessories. Whether you want to rock the trend from head-to-toe or accent with an accessory or two, you can definitely make that happen.

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Since you’re all cooped up safe in your homes, it’s time to stock up on cozy, sofa-approved lounge wear — tie-dye is just an extra bonus. The fun print and colors are an instant mood-booster and you’ll love playing up the different colors.

Houston fashion blogger Maria Munoz in tie dye top
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I gravitate towards pastels and subdued prints but you can do what you like. That’s what is so fun about this print!

On a serious note, I hope you are safe and healthy with your family. I know things have been difficult this past month and it’s uncertain how much longer we’ll be social distancing.

Please try to keep positive, try to get a routine going, getting outdoors (even if it’s just your back porch.) Soak up some sunshine and be grateful to still be here because many are not.

I’ve tried to consume positive content online lately — fun makeup tutorials from Tati Westbrook have kept me intrigued. Make sure you are eating nutritional, whole foods and getting some exercise.

Now is the time to knock out that book you’ve been wanting to read or try a new exercise class. I’ve subscribed to Obe app and it’s awesome.

I hope your spirits are up! Also, since I’ll be at home more, I’ve decided to try to upload more videos to my You Tube channel which I have not been contributing lately, but really want to get back to it. Subscribe to stay on top of any new content.

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  1. 4.3.20
    Mike said:

    I love tie dyed but unfortunately these aren’t my style.

    • 4.3.20

      😂😂you sure?? You might like the slippers 😂😂

  2. 4.3.20
    organizenvy said:

    So cute! These are clothes I could live in every day! I love the spring pastel colors. 🙂

  3. 4.3.20
    Kristen said:

    I love that you started this with “what’s old is new again” because I couldn’t agree more. Yesterday, I ordered a new tie dye set (I already have 3 pairs of sweats!). I used to love to tie dye my stuff as a kid, I wish I would start it again.

    • 4.3.20

      We tie-dyed shirts with my girls last 4th of July and it brought back so many memories from my Girl Scout days!!

  4. 4.3.20

    I’m a little late on this whole tie-dye trend but I love it! I love that cropped sweatshirt!

    • 4.3.20

      Thanks! When I saw more light, subdued tie dye, that’s when I was hooked!