Dealing With Unexpected Accidents // A Case of the Momdays

Having two young kids, I’ve had my share of accidents. From bumps and bruises to busted lips and smooshed fingers, little kids can’t help but get hurt. Dealing with unexpected accidents is all in a days work for this momma. I feel like I have the most accident-prone children on the planet. So you would think I would be a pro at handling these situations, right?

We had made our way to a popular shopping center for a Sunday stroll and even made a stop at the cupcake ATM. Olivia was thrilled!

Then we strolled into a store called Restoration Hardware. We didn’t even know what we stumbled upon, but the entrance to this place was amazing. Once inside, you find rooms upon rooms of upscale decor. The kids made their way into each room — even had to tell them to get off the beds more than once. But they’re kids, so it’s expected.

The Burn

Then, Ava made her way to one chair with a table and lamp next to it. Next thing you know, she reaches for the lamp and burns the palm of her hand on the metal shade. First off, who was the genius that thought a metal lamp shade was a great idea?? And I’m pretty sure they didn’t have kids.

Josh and I rushed over to her to try to relieve the burn. When I was young, if I burned my finger my mom would have me rub it on my scalp. Worked for me, but Ava wasn’t having it. A couple minutes later, she’s forgotten all about it and we’re off to the next room.

The Stinking Table on the Right

The Busted Lip

Then we made our way to the third and final story of this building where they housed all the outdoor furniture. All of a sudden, Ava decides to sprint to the other side of the patio and SMACK! She runs straight to the edge of a patio table. I run over, pick her up to console, and then I see the blood. Lord help me — I freaked! I screamed at Josh to get me a wipe because the blood was dripping from her lip. She was frantic, I was frantic — we were freaking out!

Josh quickly grabbed her from me and sat with her to calm her down. Obviously my reaction probably had a lot to do with how she reacted, but I couldn’t help it. I hate seeing my babies hurt, and this was wayyyy worse than a knee scrape on the pavement. We made our way out of the store and back to the car. As we approached the car, Ava had stopped crying and just wanted to continue the stroll while holding Olivia’s hand.

We made our way to the nearest Walgreen’s to get some bandages and ointment because Josh was completely against going to hospital. I was so lucky to have him to calm me (and the baby) down. Going to the hospital would have made the situation so much worse for Ava.

We decided to head on home, and 2 minutes into the ride Ava was asleep. She slept all the way home and when she awoke, she was back to normal. She got some extra loves that evening. Even McDonald’s french fries to spoil her a bit. Kids are so resilient, they bounce back and are better than ever. Glad to report that she’s OK, small cut near her lip, but should heal nicely.

It’s super difficult to keep your composure when you see your babies hurt, but I do believe it’s important to keep yourself calm under pressure. Easier said than done, right? It’s something I will definitely need to work on, but of course I hope I don’t have to go through that again. That, and never going to that furniture store again! At least not with the kids. Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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