Easy Beach Wave Hair with a Flat Iron Tutorial

I love this time of year, mainly because soft, beach wave hair is all the rage in the summer. I’m sharing a simple way to get that just-out-of-the-ocean hair without stepping foot on a beach!

In this tutorial, I’m sharing a technique that took me a bit of practice to get down. It’s different from using a typical curling iron, but the results are messy, undone beachy waves perfection.

This technique creates subtle undone waves instead of large, barrel curls you’d get using a typical curling wand. It’s a great way to get that bohemian or surfer girl look and you don’t need to buy a hair waver.

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I love how beach waves add dimension and volume to my hair and it just makes styling so much more fun. Also, if I don’t have time to dry my hair straight with a blow dryer, I end up with random waves (not the cute ones) all over my hair.

When this happens, I add a few waves using my flat iron and it instantly transforms my hair and diminishes any kinks.

Houston style blogger shares how to get beach waves on short hair
Houston style blogger shares how to get easy beach waves with a flat iron

How To Get Beach Waves With A Flat Iron

For this tutorial, I’m using ConAir’s Infiniti Pro 2-in-1 Styler. I like this flat iron because the curved, heated plates on the outside keep me from getting kinks. This look is very easy and I think mostly in part due to the flat iron I use. I’ve tried the same technique with a typical flat iron without the outer plates, and constantly had sharp creases — don’t you hate that?

  1. I start off with some dry shampoo on my roots. This creates some grit and also freshens up not-so-fresh tresses. I’ve been switching between this one and this one.
  1. Next, I apply a heat protectant to protect my hair from damage. I am instantly loving this heat protectant from Bumble and Bumble. It also makes my hair look so much more hydrated and healthy.
  1. Then, I start by grabbing sections of hair starting with the bottom and working my way to the top of my head. I like to position the flat iron about 2 inches from my roots. Then I press and use my wrist to twist the iron about 90 degrees. As I run the iron down the hair shaft, I pull forward creating some tension. I continue this until I get about 2 inches from my tips.
  1. I like to leave the ends straight, which creates that undone look we’re after. If you do curl all the way down the hair shaft, you could always go in afterward and straighten out the ends.
  1. After I curl my hair, I finish the look with a texturing finishing spray by Kristin Ess. This spray goes on light and gives you hold without the sticky, tacky feel of most hair sprays. It also gives some volume and is great for thin hair.
  1. To finish off the look, I apply the tiniest amount of Olaplex No. 7 oil on the tips and a bit mid-shaft down to tame flyaways and make my ends look fantastic.
Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz beach wave hair tutorial

Easy Beach Waves With A Flat Iron Video

This styler made the process really simple and only took a few minutes to achieve. For more hair trends, check out this post.

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