My Easy, Healthy Morning Smoothie

that *actually* tastes delicious

If it’s one thing I think we’ve all started to focus on this past year, it’s our health. It’s why I start my mornings with this easy and healthy morning smoothie almost every day.

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I have been doing intermittent fasting for a few months. My first actual meal is usually around lunchtime. But if I have a super light dinner the night before, I prepare one of my morning smoothie recipes.

I’m always pressed for time so I love that this smoothie recipe takes no more than 3 minutes! Seriously!! You can also make different variations. I think what’s most important is the superfoods that are used to make it.

Sometimes I swap fruit options or maybe I’ll add my Amazing Grass Superfoods powder if I need some extra greens.

Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz shares how to make a healthy morning smoothie at home

Ingredients for Healthy Smoothie

One of the ingredients that I have recently incorporated in my morning smoothies is the superfoods line From The Reserve. They provide ancient superfoods, such as maca and elderberry, in powder form. Making it super simple to add to any beverage.

I purchased a bundle that included maca, elderberry, lion’s mane, ashwagandha, and blue spirulina. Their products are non-GMO and certified organic by the USDA.

I love their bundle set because it allows me to get all these superfoods at once. They are usually having a 50% off their bundles’ sale. As I write this post, you can use BUNDLE50 at check out for 50% off bundles.

I’m always alternating and creating different combos depending on how I’m feeling. Many of the adaptogens in the bundle help with hormones, gut health, and regulate mood. Here is what is included:


  • Balances mood
  • Increases energy
  • Fights stress
  • Rich in antioxidants & nutrients
  • Endurance booster


  • Balances mood, increases energy, and fights stress 
  • Major cold and flu relief 
  • Eases allergies


  • Balances mood, increases energy, and fights stress
  • Helps reducing blood sugar levels
  • Helps increasing muscle strength


  • Balances mood, increases energy, and fights stress
  • Strong immune-boosting abilities
  • Improves gut, heart, and brain health


  • Improves memory & boosts the immune system
  • Helps lowering cholesterol & improves digestion 
  • 100% natural blue color, keto friendly

The spinach is a great way to get some of your daily intake of vegetables. Spinach is also high in antioxidants and packs high amounts of carotenoids. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, iron, and calcium.

Strawberries are also great antioxidants with lots of vitamin C. They also add a bit of sweetness to your smoothie. Although, fresh strawberries are better for taste than frozen.

from the reserve blue spirulina
Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz sharing her morning smoothie
Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz shares a healthy smoothie recipe with From the Reserve powders

How to Make a Healthy Morning Smoothie

This healthy morning smoothie recipe is super simple. I do incorporate low-sugar OJ in my smoothie for taste. You may choose to substitute with other liquids because some juices are extremely high in sugar content.

You could always add water for a low-cal, low-sugar smoothie. Or you may swap the juice for almond milk for a thicker consistency.


  • 1 cup Low-Sugar Orange Juice
  • 1/2 cup Fresh Spinach
  • 1/2 cup Frozen Strawberries (or any fruit you like)
  • One teaspoon of Blue Spirulina, Maca, and Ashwagandha (as mentioned earlier, you can choose any combo. This is was I prefer most mornings. If I feel a cold coming on, I will add Elderberry.)

Start by adding your liquids. Then add the spinach and fruit. Followed by your powders (super simple, amiright?) Blend until everything is liquid. Enjoy!

That’s it! Just blend and enjoy. I’ve definitely felt like I am more awake and alert after drinking this on my ride to work. I feel like I’m not craving snacks like I used to and I’m actually starting to see some weight loss.

Houston blogger Maria Munoz in kitchen making a smoothie
Houston blogger Maria Munoz sharing From the Reserve superfoods powders
spoonful of from the reserve blue spirulina
Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz shares her healthy morning smoothie
healthy morning smoothie recipes

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  1. 7.19.21
    Kimberlie said:

    I usually just use fruit, vegetables and juice/wayward, but have heard great things about the additives you mention here. I can’t wait to try them in my smoothie to see what effect they have. Thank you!

    • 7.19.21

      what’s wayward? Sounds interesting! Yes, definitely try the powders. I’ve noticed that I’m more alert and my mood is great in the mornings.

  2. 7.19.21

    Wow! This drink looks easy, tasty, and healthy. I cannot wait to try this out.

  3. 7.19.21

    hmm. looks delicious. will definitely try this weekend.