Easy Sleek, Straight Hairstyle

From time to time, I like to put in the effort to get super sleek and straight hair. I love how chic it can look, but it used to take me about an hour to achieve the results I was after.

Everything changed once I purchased the Revlon One Step Styler. It is the absolute best for my thick, wavy hair. It cuts my styling time nearly in half. Not to mention that since cutting my hair short, things have been a lot more pleasant in the hair department.

I wanted to show you a quick and simple way to achieve that sleek, straight hair that, for some, may be difficult to achieve.

Keep Dry Hair Hydrated

In order to get the results you’re after, it’s important that your hair is moisturized. Since dryness is the precursor to frizz, you want to make sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner that adds moisture.

My hair is a bit oilier, but I know some may experience dryness. Try looking for combos that have anti-frizz on the bottle or look for natural oils in the ingredients list. Shea butter, morrocan oil and argan oil are all great options.

You may also look into weekly deep-conditioning treatments which you can do at home. Here’s a few you may look into trying.

Hair Tools for Straight Hair

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper tools to get a sleek hairdo. Anytime you are applying heat to your hair, you want to make sure it is protected.

A styling spray with heat protectant is needed if you want to continue to enjoy healthy, frizz-free tresses. While heat protectants help minimize damage from hot styling tools, they do not prevent damage.

In this video, I used my new hair styling love, the Revlon One-Step Styler. I use this once my hair is about 90% dry. It does get really heated so I don’t like to use it on extremely damp hair.

I also feel that letting my hair air-dry retains some of the moisture and also reduced the amount of heat I’m applying to my hair.

I run it all over in about two-inch sections until I achieve dry, straight hair.

Next, I grab my Infiniti Pro By Conair 2-In-1 Styler to smooth out my hair. This also helps tame some frizz left behind while blow drying.

Last, I like to run some smoothing oil on my hands and pick at my ends. This re-seals the ends and also makes them look healthier if you’re overdue on a trim.

Here’s a little video so you can see the straightening process yourself.

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