3 Cozy Sweater Trends to Shop for Fall 2020

We don’t usually have very cold fall or winter seasons down south, so trendy sweaters are always a staple in our closets. They’re also great for this time of year because they make great transitional items.

You can layer on a thin cardigan now and transition to heavier, chunky-knit sweaters closet to winter. Here are 3 sweater trends for fall 2020 you’ll be seeing around town (or the gram.)

The coziest of the sweater trends, chunky sweaters are a great item to have in your closet. They pair well with another fall staple, leggings. I love to wear them at night when the weather gets a bit cooler and they’re great for just lounging around the house.

I would pair this style with skinny jeans or leggings. They’ll even look great with a faux-leather skirt. Because you’re playing with a voluminous top, you’ll want to pair with a fitted bottom.

This will keep you from looking a bit too frumpy or shapeless. It’s also a great piece to layer on top of a cami as the temperature drops.

There are two cardigan styles you’ll be seeing this season. The first cardigan trend is an ode to 90s fashion. Think short, sometimes even cropped, with a fitted look. This style will pair well with flares, or bottoms with a more relaxed look.

You’ll also see oversized fall cardigans this season. Think chunky knit, grandpa-style sweater cardigans with big, round buttons. Chunky, knit cardigan sweaters look great with a more relaxed look and will also keep you nice and warm as the temperature drops.

fall cardigan trends in 2020

You’ll see a ton of sweaters with pretty prints this year. While animal prints are still a go-to, you’ll want to swap out the leopard for plaid and argyle.

Plaid and argyle prints look great on crewneck sweaters and pair well with dark denim. They are also a familiar print this time of year.

fall trends for sweaters in 2020

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