7+ Faux Shearling Jackets to Keep You Warm this Winter

I recently purchased a faux shearling jacket from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it will be a go-to all season long. My jacket is a thick bubble coat with faux shearling on the collar and around the wrist. This trend is so hot this winter so I wanted to share a few other finds I know you’ll love.

Faux shearling detail add an elevated luxe conveniently appropriate for these cooler months. You love the cozy feel while knowing that no animal was harm to add this soft detail. While traditional shearling is made from sheepskin, this cruelty-free variation is usually made from polyester.

Thanks to the ever growing list of designers joining the Fur Free Alliance, you can get faux shearling jackets in just about any price point. So if you’re looking for an investment piece, brands like Burberry and Michael Kors now offer faux shearling options.

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Faux Shearling Jacket Styles

I like to pair an oversized jacket with a fitted bottom to create some shape. I paired it here with black leggings and combat boots. You can also pair with skinny jeans or even a fitted midi skirt.

It’s all about balancing volume and creating a flattering silhouette. There are also various styles of jackets to choose from.

Moto-style jackets sit right at the hips and, thanks to the soft, plush shearling detail, give it a more feminine touch to the edgier style.

Longer teddy coats are great for those living in cooler weather. This variation is covered in soft material and the coats are longer in length than moto jackets. It gives textural elements to your winter outfits and can really make an outfit standout.

Houston fashion blogger Maria Munoz shares faux shearling jackets

Are you into this trend? I sure am! I hope you finds some inspiration in these finds. They will also make great gifts this holiday season. Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas to make your shopping a lot easier.

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