Get the Look: Easy, Fluffy Eyebrow Tutorial

One of the hottest beauty trends this past year has to be feathery, fluffy eyebrows. Long gone are the days of skinny brows or the over-the-top defined brow we saw in the 2010s. We’re sharing a quick and easy fluffy eyebrows tutorial so you can get in on the trend this season.

The look is heaven-sent for girls, like me, who don’t necessarily want to spend 10 minutes drawing in eyebrows. I’m loving the low-maintenance approach and it’s really almost fail proof. This brow trend also helps with making your eyes look more awake and, if done correctly, can give the illusion of a brow lift.

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You could shell out about a hundred dollars to get your eyebrows laminated. This is the new brow trend which straightens your eyebrows to get that fluffy eyebrow look. Or, you can follow the fluffy eyebrow technique below.

To begin, you will need two products. The first is a brow soap. While it may be tempting to grab your nearest Dial soap – DON’T! Most soaps have ingredients, or cleansing agents that may irritate if left on the skin too long. You will want to get specialized brow soap at your local beauty department. I’m using this one right here.

Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz shares an easy fluffy eyebrow tutorial

You will also need a thin brow pencil. There are also a ton of variations, but I prefer this one because it allows me to make more precise, controlled strokes.

How To Get Fluffy Eyebrows with Soap Tutorial

  1. Pluck any stray brows for a clean look.
  2. Using a clean, dry spoolie brush eyebrows in an upward and outward motion. You could use grooming scissors to trim if too long. However, I tend to like the look of unruly brows, where the hair is not cut in a straight line.
  3. Get a wet spoolie and run along the brow soap to evenly coat spoolie. Then, start brushing brows upward. Special focus on the inner brow – make sure you are brushing straight up. After the arch, start brushing toward your temples.
  4. Let dry for about a minute.
  5. Grab your eyebrow pencil and fill in any spots that you are missing brows. I focus on the bottom of the brows creating a defined line.
  6. Optional – you can run some concealer along the bottom of the eyebrow to add definition.

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