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Step into any clothing store these days and you are bound to see them.  Graphic tees with iconic musicians, bands, movies and teenaged heartthrobs.  These nostalgic images printed on soft cotton tees are all the rage.  If you’re like me, it takes you back to simpler times — when we were younger.  Or maybe it has a really bad-ass album cover and you remember your parents rocking out to that band’s tunes.  Tunes?  Are we still using this word?  Or am I aging myself?  Anywho, I picked up this Tee at Target for under $15 because it is by far one of my favorite movies!!  Clueless had to be my 90’s equivalent of Pretty in Pink.  I could watch both a hundred times and it would never get old.  How many of us coveted Cher’s closet??  Unreal!  I secretly wish that 90’s fashion would be in right now.  Maybe I’m too “old” for the thigh high stockings, but I would still rock them!  I like that these tops are super versatile.


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Besides wearing these with jeans and sneaks, I’ve seen some wearing this casual look with a pleated, midi-length skirt and heels and it looks super fresh and chic.  Fresh?  There I go again.  I need to step into a high school and up my vocab.

Maria Munoz

I decided to pair mine with a trouser pant and some chucks.  It was my day off and I was spending the day with Ava (Olivia was in school) and my mom.  Super comfy outfit to run around in, yet still put together.  Target had such a large selection of graphic tees.  I almost picked up another gray T-shirt with The Beatles in their iconic Abbey Road album cover.  Another had Whitney Houston and another N’Sync.  But I’m trying to cut back on spending so we had to choose one.  I think this was the first time I ever left Target with one purchase — it felt weird.  I’ve picked out some other graphic tees I think you’ll like.  Let me know what you think!

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