11 Best Low Calorie Starbucks Drinks Under 100 Calories

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Looking for a healthier low calorie Starbucks drink for your next coffee order? Good News! We’ve got 11 of the best low calorie drink options to try!

low calorie starbucks drinks

I’ll admit, that I love a good Starbucks run, but sometimes I struggle to find low-calorie Starbucks drinks to order on the spot.

That’s why I’ve done the leg work and come up with 11 healthy, low-calorie Starbucks drinks you can order — straight off the menu, no substitutions needed — without the guilt. 

Low-calorie drinks are a great way to save money while still enjoying a delicious beverage. These drinks are available at your nearest coffee shop, and many grocery stores also carry variations (nutrition contents may vary.)

Looking back, I don’t know how I ever survived consuming those calorie-heavy Frappuccinos as my sweet treat in high school. 

Frappuccinos are made with whole milk by default. So you’re consuming a ton of calories and fat. 

Add the whip and caramel drizzle and your sugar intake skyrockets. Not the healthiest drink that’s for sure. 

There is no reason you can’t enjoy a delicious coffee drink without feeling guilty. So I’m going to share how to make Starbucks healthy(er.)

You just have to find a way to make your favorite Starbucks drink order healthier. There are plenty of options to consider. So if you’re asking yourself, “What are healthy Starbucks drinks?” here are some healthier alternatives for you to consider. 

7 Ways to Make Your Starbucks Drink Order Healthier

  1. Order the Tall Size – If you want to cut the calories and sugar content, it’s all about portion control. Less drink, fewer calories, and less sugar! I know it can be tempting to pay the extra cents to double your drink to a standard grande-sized drink — who doesn’t love value? But if you’re looking to consume fewer calories, this is the way to go. 
  1. Know the Milk Options – Plant-based milk alternatives will have fewer calories than their dairy counterparts. Non-dairy milk like Almond, soy, oat, and coconut milk are a few great options that you may substitute at Starbucks. Some are also Weight Watchers-friendly! However, the type of milk still makes a difference. Almond milk is the healthiest milk alternative. Soy milk includes sweetener and flavoring so be mindful of that. Oat milk also has added sugar. Most drinks are made with 2% milk unless you specify. If you prefer cow’s milk, skim or nonfat milk are great low calorie options. 
  1. Flavor Options – Most drinks can be customized with your choice of flavored syrups. The choices are vanilla, cinnamon dolce, hazelnut, toffee nut, caramel, honey blend, pineapple ginger, peppermint, liquid cane sugar, raspberry, chai, mocha, white mocha, brown sugar, Irish cream, dark caramel, and classic syrup. Many drink orders come with a standard 4 pumps. If you ask for 3 pumps instead, you’ll save 20 calories. Or ask for
    “half sweet” for two pumps. You won’t sacrifice flavor but you will save in calorie counts. Starbucks also offers two sugar-free syrup options – vanilla and cinnamon dolce which are calorie-free and have no added sugars. I usually ask for 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla in most of my drinks. 
  1. Get it Skinny – Ask the barista for your usual drink order but make it skinny. This request helps reduce fat, calories, and sugar. 
  1. Nix the Whip Cream – I know, I know — brutal! I love whipped cream, but, at 80-120 calories, I say you’re better off without it. You’ll also be reducing the added grams of sugar. If you’re treating yourself, you could ask for a half whip.
  1. And the toppings – Hopefully you’re still here after reading #5, if so, go ahead and also omit the caramel crunch and java chips. I promise I’m not trying to ruin your life. But if you visit your local Starbucks as much as I do, those extra calories will add up. 
  1. Be Conscious of the Sweeteners – There are no-calorie sweeteners like Splenda and Stevia that will give you the sweetness you desire. However, if you’re looking for a natural alternative, try honey or agave nectar. While they do contain more calories and sugar, they are natural sweeteners.


To reduce waste from single-use cups, Starbucks offers a B.Y.O.C, or bring your own cup, incentive.

Starbucks plans to eliminate single-use cups by 2025. By bringing in your own cup, you’ll receive a $0.10 discount plus bonus stars to your Starbucks Rewards.

Starbucks is even testing out a new reusable cup program in a few stores in Seattle and Chicago.

The coffee company is looking to incentivize customers who take advantage of their Borrow a Cup program. You’ll be charged a $1 deposit for the cup and get your $1 back, PLUS 10 stars, once the cup is returned to a contactless kiosk.

Starbucks Orders with 100 Calories or Less

*drink calories for (tall)12oz order. Visit Starbucks.com for complete nutritional information.

If you are looking for a drink with the least amount of calories, a hot drink like a Caffè Americano is going to be it.

At just 10 calories, this drink option doesn’t leave any room for milk or sweetener options. You could also opt for one of the many herbal teas available at Starbucks.

But if you’re looking for something with added flavor, try these Starbucks orders with 100 calories or less:

low calorie starbucks drinks

Starbucks Cappuccino calories

Cappuccino – 100 calories

Dark, rich espresso under a layer of thick milk foam. Add a pump of vanilla syrup (sugar-free) to add a smooth, flavorful alternative.

Starbucks Caffe Misto Calories

Caffè Misto – 80 calories

Fresh-brewed coffee with steamed milk. This is a classic combo and you can also add some sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup for a festive. 

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee with Milk Calories

Cold Brew with Milk – 25 calories

A great alternative to your iced coffee on those hot summer days. Handcrafted in small batches daily, slow-steeped in cool water for 20 hours, without touching heat, and finished with a splash of milk (add almond milk for a delicious alternative.) I love that this drink doesn’t have the usually bitter taste of regular iced coffee.

Starbucks Iced Shaken Espresso calories

Iced Shaken Espresso – 80 calories

Made with rich espresso, then shaken, chilled, and mellowed with sweetener and a touch of milk.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew Calories

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew – 70 calories

This Nitro Cold Brew is topped with a float of house-made vanilla sweet cream. I love it with its cold foam. This gives the drink a velvety coffee taste. This is a variation of my husband’s drink of choice. He prefers without the vanilla, just sweet cream.

Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso calories

Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso – 80 calories

Starbucks Blonde espresso meets cocoa and notes of malt, shaken together and topped with almond milk and ice. This is one I have yet to try, but it’s definitely on my list.

Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat White Calories

Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat White – 100 calories

This iced flat white is made with almond milk and Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast poured over ice with a hint of honey. It creates a perfect amount of cool, creamy, nutty sweetness.

low calorie non coffee starbucks drinks

Starbucks Iced Matcha Lemonade calories

Iced Matcha Lemonade – 90 calories

Teavana matcha green tea combined with refreshing lemonade, then shaken with ice. This refreshingly sweet, delicious drink is a great coffee alternative during the warmer months. I love the matcha flavor and this one is a goodie!

Pineapple Passionfruit Starbucks Refresher calories

Pineapple Passionfruit Starbucks Refresher – 80 calories

A mix of tropical pineapple and passionfruit flavors mixed with diced pineapple over ice. Great for a refreshing island escape.

Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher calories

Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher – 70 calories

Need a little tropical pick-me-up? You’ll love this combination of sweet mango and dragonfruit flavors hand-shaken with ice plus a scoop of real diced dragonfruit.

Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher Calories

Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refresher – 80 calories

Sweet strawberry flavors accented by passion fruit and açaí notes, caffeinated with green coffee extract—a welcoming sweet spot of refreshment. Another great coffee alternative if you still need that added caffeine.

If you are ever in doubt, you could also opt for tea or black coffee. Starbucks has an assortment of tea flavors. My favorites are black tea, chai, and green tea. 

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your next Starbucks run. In the meantime, I’d love to hear which is your favorite or what’s your go-to drink order in the comments below. 


This post was all about low calorie Starbucks drinks.

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