Hosting the Holidays with Art of Green

Thanksgiving is next week and I’m excited to be hosting my first dinner for my extended family. I’m a little nervous, yet excited to see my whole family, but now I need to get the house in order with my Art Of Green® . These products are perfect for before, during and after your holiday parties.

** This post has been sponsored by Art Of Green® , however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

First on the agenda is getting my refrigerator ready for all the food. Art of Green has been my secret weapon when I want to get things clean. I’ve been using Art of Green for months, and I love that it’s sustainable and non-toxic.

Perfect for cleaning around the house and safe to use around kids and pets, but now I have a refrigerator to tackle. I try to deep clean my fridge every couple of months because it can get really yucky.

Spilled condiments, spoiled produce and leftovers sitting all the way in the back corner for too long can stink up the fridge.

I start by taking out the the drawers on the bottom. After removing the food, I use the multipurpose spray to loosen up any gunk on the bottom. Scrub the inside and rinse with hot water. I like using Art of Green because it’s 98% naturally derived and because it’s non-toxic, I can use it to clean where I store my food.

I also like that they are Eco-friendly and the formula is biodegradable. You can read more about my Eco-friendly mission here.

Next, I use the cleaning wipes to clean the shelves and the walls of the fridge. The saturated wipes are tough on grime and make cleaning a breeze. I love the smell as well — I’m currently using citrus & white flowers.

Finally, I use the spray to clean all the counter-tops. The spray gets my counters looking polished and oh so clean. Art of Green has been my little secret weapon when I want to get my kitchen in order and it’ll be with me for a long time.

I also us the spray while having guests over, because spills are bound to happen. Somebody must have shaken the soda because it spewed all over the counter. I really liked that Art of Green left the counter clean and not sticky.

Finally, after the laughs and good food, it’s time to clean the kitchen. Art of Green was great at helping me get all the counters clean and spotless.

To learn more about Art of Green and their non-toxic cleaning products head to

Art of Green is available at your nearest HEB. Also, don’t forget to head over to my Instagram for your chance to win your own Art of Green products.

Happy Hosting!


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