How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs (with Video)

This year’s hot chocolate bombs trend is a fun way to sip on this holiday favorite. There are so many variations and flavors of this hot chocolate bombs so the girls and I decided to get in on the fun.

I watched a few videos and became a pro — so I thought. It was a bit messy and, I’ll admit, I need to perfect the technique. Either way, it was a fun new food craft to try with the girls.

person holding coffee filled mug

You can find all the ingredients can be found at your nearest grocery store. We opted for hot cocoa mix, tiny marshmallows, and peppermint. We also purchased a big block of milk chocolate to make the bombs.


I had a hard time finding the molds and ultimately had to order them from Amazon. We went to Walmart and Target but were unable to locate molds that would create a smooth outer surface. I finally purchased these 4.5cm round molds for under $10.

How To Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

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