How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Bed sheets, dishes, clothes, underwear — heck everything needs a good washing once in a while, right?  Somethings more than others but If you only wash those bed sheets once every few months, then that’s just nasty!  But seriously, how many times do you think about your makeup brushes?  Let’s think about it.  We use and reuse the same makeup brushes everyday, if you’re like me, and everyday we are swiping those dirty brushes across our eyelids and our skin.  After every application, there are oils, bacteria and other impurities left on those brushes, and now you just swiped that dirty brush across your face.  And if you’re reusing your brushes, then every time you take a swipe across your eye-shadow palette or swirl your brush in foundation and put it on your skin, you’re picking up all that bacteria that was left from your last session.  Recent breakout? Makeup shades a little off? Is your foundation looking muddy?  Ask yourself when was the last time you cleaned that brush?


So it is very important to clean those brushes!  Typically, I try to clean my brushes once a week but lately its gone to 2 weeks.  That’s just poor time management on my part but, if you’re disciplined, you should really aim to clean them once a week.  Not only does this clean off old makeup, oils and bacteria, but it leaves you with clean bristles that won’t compromise whatever color shadow or blush hue you’re trying to achieve.  It will also help you salvage the integrity of your brushes and help keep their shape. But a quick rinse under the faucet will not cut it.  There are numerous solutions and cleaners on the market that will help get all the gunk out.  If you’re in a pinch, a soapy solution of water and shampoo will do, but I prefer to use a brush cleaning gel.  My go to is Real Techniques brush cleansing gel.  I came across this product while browsing the aisles in Target and have also found them at Ulta.  I also use a textured surface to run my brushes on while they are wet and in solution.  This helps really get into the bristles.  Nothing your fingertips can’t do, but it functional for me.  After I swirl the brushes, I’ll run them again under the faucet, using my fingers to really get in the bristles and get all the soapy suds out.  If it’s a brush I use with a lot of product, I may wash them one more time to really get it clean.  After they’re rinsed, I lay them on an clean towel.  I make the towel incline so that the brushes dry at an angle, bristles down.  This keeps the water away  from the base, or the brush barrel, of the brush.  Keeping this area dry will keep moisture from damaging the glue that holds the bristles in place.

You also want to remember to clean your makeup sponge or beauty blender, if you use one.  I actually just started using one a few months ago and I love it!  My Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is awesome! But I can never get all of the foundation off of it, but I will still wash it regularly.  Your sponges, however, should be replaced often.  About every three months is ideal.  Keeping your blenders and brushes clean will keep them in good condition and will make every makeup application even better.


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