How to Livestream on Amazon Live: A Beginners Guide

how to livestream on amazon live

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to the Amazon Influencer program and want to really ramp up your sales. I hear ya!

One of the best ways to do that is to start showing up regularly on Amazon Live. Amazon Live is a fun and easy way to start building your following and getting to know your community.

Amazon Live is an interactive live stream experience where Amazon Influencers can showcase Amazon products to an audience. There is a live chat feature where the audience can chat with the influencer in real-time.

Amazon live streams are a great way for influencers to share their tried and true Amazon finds and make commissionable sales through qualifying purchases.

Boosting your audience increases your viewership because your followers can be notified in the Amazon mobile shopping app whenever you go live.

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To begin, you must be accepted to the Amazon influencer program and have an active Amazon Influencer Storefront.

1. Download the Amazon Live Creator app, which is available only for iOS. You will be able to stream directly from your phone’s camera or using an external camera and broadcasting software from your computer.


The Amazon Live Creator app is a livestreaming app that helps brands and influencers create and manage their livestreams on It’s packed with fun, unique features to help showcase and demonstrate products, interact with shoppers in real-time, drive sales, and provide creators with metrics that help them measure performance over time.

2. Click the (+) button to start building a new livestream. Next, you’ll start building your live stream. Begin with uploading a thumbnail image. This should be in the

3. Start adding your products. You can click the ‘Add’ link and you’ll be able to choose products from your Amazon storefront, recent purchases, or browsing history.

Add or delete products up until the time you go live. You can also rearrange the order of your carousel to your liking.

PRO TIP: Choose products that you are knowledgeable about and have experience with. This will help when describing a product or if an audience member has any questions.

4. Name your livestream. Choose a title that describes what you’ll be featuring. Along with your thumbnail, the title is the first impression a customer gets with your live stream. Make it exciting and entice customers to watch.

5. Choose a start time. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended. When you choose a start time in the future, your live stream and thumbnail will show up in the ‘Upcoming Livestreams’ section on Amazon Live.

Your live stream will not start unless you hit the ‘Go Live’ button on the creator app so no need to worry if you miss the start time.

6. Share Your Livestream. You want to share your upcoming live with your audience. Share it on Instagram stories, Facebook, TikTok, and your newsletter.

Give your followers time to plan and watch your Amazon Live. You also want to consider when you think most of your audience is available to watch.

Provide a link to your storefront and invite them to follow you there so that they’ll get notified of any upcoming live streams.

7. Set a schedule. By streaming consistently, your audience will be able to anticipate your next live and be more likely to watch.

I have made it a priority to go live every Friday at 10:30 am CST. I also include this in my thumbnails so my audience remembers.

The more you livestream, the better your chances for moving up the Amazon Live tiers.

You can add up to 40 products per livestream video, with commission eligible on each! When a stream is live, the products appear in a shoppable carousel that updates in real-time while customers interact.


Yes, it is free to live stream on Amazon if you are an Amazon influencer.

Amazon Live Creator App is only available in the US and you must be accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program and have an active storefront.

Amazon seller brand owners who use Seller Central and Amazon vendors who have an approved Amazon Store in Advertising Console are also eligible for Amazon Live.


To find your favorite influencers on Amazon Live, go directly to their shop page. Most Amazon Influencers will have their Amazon storefront linked to their social media. Once you have located their Amazon storefront, click the ‘Follow’ button to be notified of any upcoming livestreams.

Whichever social media platform you follow them on, check their bio for quick links or their blog. Their latest Amazon Livestream will show at the top of their Amazon storefront.

Or discover new creators, by clicking the ‘Discover’ tab on the Amazon Live homepage.

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You can quickly navigate to the Amazon Live page by clicking ‘Livestreams’ on the homepage of The link is located directly under the search bar.

All livestreams can be found on and in the Amazon mobile app under ‘Amazon Live’.

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This post was all about how to livestream on Amazon Live.

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