How to Style New Balance 574 Sneakers + Sizing Guide

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The New Balance 574 sneakers are one of my latest additions to my athleisure wardrobe and I love them!

From the retro style to the light grey color combo, these NB 574 sneakers are going to be on repeat this season.

There are so many ways to style your sneakers and I have 7 amazing ways to sport your favorite pair.

New Balance 574 Sneakers

The New Balance 574 is a classic sneaker model known for its comfort, durability, and retro design. It has been popular for many years and has a timeless look we love.

Recently, there has been a trend towards embracing retro and vintage styles in fashion, contributing to the continued popularity of the 574 and similar sneakers.

Some fashion-forward individuals and streetwear enthusiasts may consider the New Balance 574 fashionable because of its classic design and association with the “dad shoe” trend.

New Balance released their 574 core style in 1988.

Designed as a comfortable running shoe, the 574 has since remained popular, being re-released several times and transitioning into an iconic casual design.

In 2017 New Balance released a new version called the 574S or 574 Legacy — but what’s the difference?

New Balance didn’t just change the materials, they completely re-imagined what the shoe looked like.

To begin, the legacy shoe is a lot more chunky to go with the ‘dad shoe’ trend we mentioned earlier. The cushy lugs are also a lot thicker than the 574 core sneakers.

The 574 core also has more of a rounded toe which can make the shoe look short and stubby. The 574 legacy sneakers come more to a point and elongate the shoe.

Overall, you’ll get the same high comfort level, but it boils down to how they look on your feet and which is easier to find.

As of publishing this post, I had a hard time finding the legacy pair, but there are a ton of colorways available for the 574 core.

New Balance 574 Features

  • Suede/mesh upper
  • The vamp, collar, and tongue mesh are 100% recycled polyester
  • ENCAP midsole cushioning combines soft foam with a durable polyurethane rim to deliver all-day support
  • Midsole foam uses approximately 3% bio-based content made from renewable sources to help reduce our carbon footprint
  • Rubber outsole with 5% recycled rubber
  • Available in extended-width sizes

New Balance 574 Sizing Guide

How do New Balance 574s run

How to Style New Balance 574

Outfit #1: Athleisure with a coat

The easiest way to style your New Balance 574 is with black leggings and a coat. This is such a chic way to elevate a sporty look.

New Balance 574 outfit fall

Outfit #2: Monochromatic

You can’t go wrong with a monochromatic look. This all-white ensemble is fresh and casual. The cropped denim highlights the sneakers in a great way.

New Balance 574 outfits

Can I Wear New Balance 574 with Jeans?

Absolutely! You can wear your New Balance 574 sneakers with sneakers and look great this fall and winter.

Wear them with a cozy sweater or style them with a button-down, jeans, and an oversized trench for a chic fall outfit.

What Jeans to Wear with New Balance 574?

You can wear any type of jeans with your New Balance 574, but we prefer a lighter medium vintage wash that is a little cropped.

An ankle-length straight jeans will highlight your sneakers and really show them off. Finalize your outfit with a cozy crewneck sweater to soften the look and make it more of an elevated casual outfit.

Outfit #3: NB 574 with jeans

Jeans and sneakers go together like PB and J — it’s just such a classic look.

Pair your favorite blue jeans with a sweater matching your sneakers to bring the outfit together.

new balance 574 with jeans

Outfit #4: With a trench coat

Top off an all-black outfit and your New Balance 574 sneakers with a classic trench. The look is instantly elevated and the tan goes so well with the grey sneakers.

new balance 574 with trench coat

Outfit #5: Airport Outfit

Keep it casual, yet put together with classic black pants and a white tank. Top off the look with an oversized denim jacket for a casual airport outfit.

new balance 574 airport outfit

Outfit #6: With a skirt

Pair your New Balance sneakers with a skirt for a casual, romantic style idea. Keep the look minimal by pairing a satin midi skirt with a white tank.

new balance with skirt

Outfit #7: With leggings

One of the cutest ways to style your New Balance 574 sneakers is with your favorite pair of black leggings. Top it off with a sports tank, long cardigan, or hoodie for a sporty look.

new balance 574 outfit

Can I Wear New Balance 574 to the Gym?

Yes, you can definitely wear the New Balance 574 to the gym. In fact, the New Balance 574 sneakers were initially created as a running shoe making it ideal for anything from weights to the treadmill.

The shoe offers optimal comfort for your workouts.


This post was all about how to style New Balance 574 sneakers.

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