How to Use Color Wow Xtra Large Volumizer for Bombshell Hair

This post is all about how to use color wow xtra large volumizer. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

how to use color wow xtra large volumizer

Color Wow has done it again—another amazing hair product to add to your gorgeous hair arsenal. While I have a ton of hair, it’s also really heavy. This means my hair tends to lay pretty flat after a blowout.

Not to mention, the heat and humidity we experience in Texas don’t help either. If you’re in search of something to get that oomph without the fuss, then listen up.

color wow xtra large bombshell volumizer

The Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer is free of alcohol, salt, and drying resins typically used to create volume, according to the brand. These ingredients dry out and force open the hair’s protective, outer cuticle layer.

When the cuticles are roughed up, hair strands can’t lay flat, creating that fluffed-up, full-volume hair. This process also leads to brittle, frizzy hair.

According to Color Wow, Xtra Large uses new volumizing technology. A weightless yet bulky polymer blend (fortified with strand-strengthening BAMBOO) that mimics a raised outer cuticle layer but leaves hair’s essential cuticle layer smooth, intact, and hydrated.

What’s left is sexy, run-you-fingers-through hair with movement, body, and volume.

The Color Wow Xtra Large Volumizer can be used for fine, thin, limp hair. It is ideal for color-treated, dry, dehydrated, damaged, or fragile hair.

how to use color wow xtra large bombshell volumizer

How do you use the color wow volumizer?

1. Divide damp hair into sections.
2. Nest, apply 2-3 pumps worth of product to each section smoothing through from root to tip.
3. Then, comb through to distribute evenly.
4. Finally, style. Hair can be blow-dried or air-dried.

Can you use Wow Xtra Large Bombshell on dry hair?

Yes, you can use the Color Wow Extra Large Bombshell Volumizer on dry hair to bring new life to limp, flat hair.

However, I would suggest applying some heat if you decide to apply the product to dry hair. Run a round brush and hair dryer to the roots and add a little tension to create the lift.

where to buy color wow hair products

You can buy Color Wow at retailers like Amazon, or Sephora.

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This post was all about How to Use Color Wow Xtra Large Volumizer.

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