Influencer Instagram Strategy: 5 Ways Influencers Can Grow on Instagram in 2023

This post is all about influencer Instagram strategy.

Influencer Instagram Strategy

Looking to kick-start or grow your influence on Instagram in 2023 with an influencer Instagram strategy? Same girl, same. It feels like an impossible mountain to climb if you’re trying to do it in an honest and authentic way.

Growing on Instagram is hard. Like, really hard, I get it. But it is still possible when you prioritize your content and the value YOU provide. I’m still trying to perfect the technique, but I need a little guidance.

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I reached out to Social Media Strategist Jasmin Augustin to find out what influencers, like myself, should focus on in the new year. Here is what she said.

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What’s the number 1 mistake influencers are making on Instagram?

I can’t pick just one so here is a couple… 

– Saying “yes” to everything that comes your way – your time and energy are VALUABLE and brands who don’t want to pay you for your time and energy don’t deserve you 

– Ignoring FTC guidelines – it’s critical that brands and influencers alike understand how to disclose paid/collab posts to their audience so that the audience can make informed decisions 

– Always trying to “sell” – influencers must find authentic and genuine ways to share about themselves and provide massive value to their audience (behind the scenes, get to know, tips and tricks, education, etc). Audiences will be turned off if the influencer is always trying to sell another product without trying to connect personally

How can someone increase engagement on Instagram?

Engage with others – specifically in your target audience. Please don’t wait for engagement to come to you, go out and give it to others first.

Additionally, engagement will come naturally by providing content that people resonate with and find value in. If your engagement is low, it means you aren’t reaching the emotions, needs, and desires of your target audience. 

Social media coach Jasmin Augustin in a coaching session with client

Do hashtags really make a difference?

Yes! I cringe when I see posts without hashtags and even more importantly, researched and targeted hashtags. It’s essential to research the hashtags you are using – I suggest at least monthly or quarterly – and to track your Insights and Analytics to see how those hashtags are performing on each post. 

Instagram Business or Creator Account?  Which is best and what’s the difference?

Professional if you have your own product or service to sell. Creator if you do not have your own product or service to sell but you are promoting products/services of others (typically an influencer or blogger).

There are some exceptions to this, for example, if you do not have music on a Professional account you can switch to Creator. 

Where do you think Instagram is headed going into 2023?

Fun things are happening on Instagram! Be sure to tap into Reels, “aesthetically pleasing” feeds are going out the window, and carousel memes and quotes will continue to go viral. 

A huge thank you to Jasmin and her valuable information. If you are looking to level up your Insta game, be sure to check out Jasmin on Instagram and schedule a discovery call on her site

This post was all about influencer Instagram strategy. We hope it helps you understand and inspire you to give it your all on IG.

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