Linjer Jewelry Review: Is it Worth the Price?

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Linjer Jewelry Review

Linjer contacted me a few months ago to sponsor a YouTube video reviewing some of their sustainable jewelry.

I have been on such a jewelry kick lately, more specifically rings. So while browsing their collection, I was immediately drawn to their feminine and dainty jewelry.

I don’t have the daintiest of hands, so smaller, thin jewelry is my go-to. I prefer classic, minimal jewelry — but a lot of it — if that makes sense.


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Is Linjer Jewelry Worth It?

At first glance, the jewelry is thinner than other accessories in my collection. I did like how the jewelry was unique and unlike other accessories, I have purchased in the past.

The items that I was gifted were over $50 but less than $100, and they were all on sale. The sale prices hovered around $40-$60 for the rings and about $100 for the necklace.

I would say that with the discount, Linjer is worth the price. The quality is great and the price is reasonable if you value sustainability and craftsmanship.

Linjer uses vermeil which is thicker than traditional gold-plated jewelry. But while the vermeil jewelry is tougher than gold plated, it is still susceptible to tarnishing.

My jewelry is in great condition after about a month of use. To preserve the integrity of the jewelry, I would recommend removing it when bathing, working out, or doing cleaning — avoid chemicals when possible.


This post is all about Linjer Jewelry Review.

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