Madewell Jeans Review | The Best Selling Pair You Didn’t Know You Needed


This post is all about a Madewell jeans review.  

Madewell jeans have been on my radar to try thanks to all the rave reviews. I’m constantly hearing about the fantastic material, but the price is a little steep in my opinion. So I visited the Madewell near me and decided to try a few styles.

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Walking into the Madewell on Market Street here in The Woodlands, TX I instantly noticed the abundance of denim. The styling definitely lends more to a casual, laid-back style which I love for this season. I also appreciate that the brand’s primary focus is on one item – jeans!

Madewell jeans review

Madewell jeans review

best Madewell jeans review


Madewell claims they are denim perfections for their standard to use the best fabrics and newest technologies to make every pair. And according to Madewell, by 2025, 90% of their denim will be Fair Trade Certified.

They have partnered with Fair Trade USA to support safer and more sustainable factories and working conditions. By paying a premium for their supplies and manufacturing, Fair Trade USA allocates funds to the community development fund run by the workers.


Another way Madewell is doing good for the community is by providing a sort of “buy back” program for your preloved denim. They’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label for you to send in your used jeans. They are then resold or recycled and you get a Madewell credit.

woman in dressing room taking selfieSTOVEPIPE

woman in dressing room taking selfieTHE PERFECT VINTAGE STRAIGHT

woman in dressing room taking selfieSTOVEPIPE RAW HEM

woman in madewell dressing room taking selfieTHE PERFECT VINTAGE

woman in dressing room taking selfieCALI DEMI BOOT



I did a little research prior to my Madewell visit and noticed that this was a really popular style of jeans. So it was the first pair I looked for in-store. I’ll be honest, it can be a little intimidating when you visit the store because there are a ton of styles to choose from.

The trick is to take inventory of your closet and shop for the pair that you are either missing or looking to try. Personally, I have so many skinny jeans so it was not a priority for me to look for skinny jeans.

The Perfect Vintage Jean is a waist-accentuating high rise with a slightly tapered leg. These remind me of my Levi’s icon jeans. Very flattering if you are on the curvier side.

I went with the medium indigo Heathcote wash. There is also a petite version of this denim. It fits like true jeans as in it doesn’t have much stretch. The salesperson did mention that they tend to stretch out. I usually get a size 28 but she recommended a size 27.

I did get the size 27 because I have noticed with my Levi’s that they will stretch a bit with each wear. The Perfect Vintage is made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane low-stretch Orta denim. These are 11 1/4″ high rise jeans that hit above your belly button.

While they are full-length jeans (28″ inseam), they hit right above my ankle bone. Perfect for showing off cute loafers or booties this fall. This is also a great capsule wardrobe find to add to your collection.



While I wasn’t in the market for skinny jeans, this pair really grew on me. Although the style is categorized as straight leg, it fits more like skinny jeans on me. I instantly fell for the faded black color. These Stovepipe jeans are in the banberry wash; a muted, faded black fabric.

It’s made of 92% cotton, 6% poly, and 2% elastane ISKO™ denim. These were more ankle-styled jeans and hit about 3cm above my ankle bone with a raw hem. It also has a 10 1/2″ mid-rise which is usually right below your belly button. There is also a stovepipe high-rise option.

If you are under 5’4″ they recommend the petite sizing. And if you are over 5’9″ you should opt for the tall sizing.

This pair will look great with Chelsea boots or other ankle booties. It also had a bit of a stretch, but I ordered my true size of 28 hoping it would wear a little looser. The fabric is soft and easy to move in. If you’re a little tired of the true skinny jeans, this would be a great updated alternative.

I will be returning this pair because it’s my least favorite of the three. I really love the wash so I’m thinking of getting this faded black color in The Perfect Vintage style.

The Stovepipe is available in blue, black, and whitewashes as well as a maternity option with a side panel.



Finally, the best-selling Cali Demi Boot jeans are easily one of my favorites of the bunch. I love the slight flare. It’s not too exaggerated and almost worn like straight jeans. I purchased them in the Glenside wash; a medium washes with slight whiskering in the front.

It had minimal stretch so I got my TTS 28. These jeans are also available in plus, petite, and tall sizes. They have a 10 1/2″ mid-rise with a 27″ cropped inseam. This denim style is made of 99% cotton and 1% spandex high-stretch denim.

I love these jeans! They are so flattering and balance out my Latina hips perfectly. The kick-out crop flare is also super cute.


This post was all about a Madewell jeans review.  We hope it gave you a better understanding about the brand and the jean styles they offer.


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