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One of my favorite hair tutorials by far especially since it’s super easy and maybe saving my hair. This messy waves hair tutorial is so simple and great if you’re pressed for time.

I usually wash my hair at night and the last thing I want to do is spend an hour blow-drying my hair straight. I love it straight but it’s so time-consuming and all that heat wreaks my hair.


I have a natural wave when it air dries but it’s not as defined, or cute, as I’d like. So when I want that messy, beachy wave look, I do the following.


I start with my hair wet and towel dry. While it’s still damp, I apply Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil mid-shaft all the way to the ends. Then, I braid my hair starting at the nape of my neck. You don’t want to french braid otherwise you won’t get the messy hair results.

I leave the braid in overnight. Sometimes, I’ll wear the braid the whole next day. It really depends on when you’re looking to sport your waves. I feel the longer you leave in the braid, the longer your waves will last.

Once I’m ready to define my waves, I brush out the braid. You could go in with a heat protector at this time. Because your hair may be dry at this point, I like to use a spray-on rather than a lotion or cream heat protector. This one is great! Then I just pick out sections of hair about half an inch thick. I use my T3 Micro Singlepass Curling Iron in the 1.25″ barrel on the highest heat setting to achieve this look.

I wrapped the section of hair about mid-shaft up until about 1 inch from the end. You don’t want to wrap the ends because you want them to stay straight. If your ends tend to curl, you could use a straightener to straighten them out. Wrap the hair around the barrel away from your face.

Repeat this until you get the desired look. I usually wrap about 15-20 pieces mostly concentrating on the top layer. I will curl a few strands on the lower half of my head to tie the whole look together.

Again, I want to emphasize that these should look messy and uneven. They don’t need to be perfect. Once you’re happy with the look, run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls. DO NOT brush them out. Brushing your curls may add some static and frizz which is not a good look.

I have the whole video tutorial here for you to see the style in action. Let me know if you try this out and how it looked. Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #BellaStyleFam so I can re-share you on my IG.

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