My Precious Little Girl

Here I am, on the eve of my little girl’s 4th birthday and a rush of emotions has taken over me.  She’s fast asleep and I’m scrambling to get her backpack in order for preschool tomorrow.  Of course, I forget to wash her bedding so I’m up waiting on the washer so I can put them to dry.  I also have to find some way to haul 15 birthday cupcakes to her class tomorrow.

I’m so excited for her– her special day!  She doesn’t know what awaits.  Singing at school, a special video call from grandma and grandpa and, after school, pedis!!  She is going to freak. She has always been infatuated with my makeup and, as she calls them, my color nails.  She’s never had her fingernails or toenails painted.  I was so against it!  Somehow I felt that if I exposed her to makeup and nail polish, she would want to grow up too fast.  I just didn’t want that for her.  I wanted her to care less about beauty products and care more about having fun and being a kid.  Running around, learning new things, going outside and getting sweaty.

Fall 2017

I’ve thought long and hard –when is the right time? And you know, I don’t have that answer.  But I also know that the more you refuse, the more they push back.  It can’t be no, no, no all the time.  So instead I decided to use this time to treat her (just the toes, no fingernails).  And with all the attention her little sister requires, this will be a nice time with just us two.

Olivia 2 yo
Spring 2016
Olivia 1 yo
Spring 2015

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