My Updated Fall Makeup From The Drugstore

Every new season you can find me browsing the makeup aisles at my local drugstore, usually CVS or Walgreens. I try to change out makeup that may have gone bad or restock on some of my favorites, but mainly it’s to spice things up in the makeup department. I visited my local drugstore a few days ago and was actually there to get some pictures printed. Yeah!

Just like back in the day. I like to have some prints to put in the girls’ baby books. So as I waited, I had to see what was new in the beauty department. And things got outta hand quickly. I did manage to get some items that would look great this season. I am drawn to colors like burgundy, mauve, burnt orange, and browns for the fall.

My Updated Fall Makeup From The Drugstore

top view Fall Makeup from drugstore


One of my much needed buys was some new foundation. I bought the Maybelline Superstay full coverage a few months for a wedding and loved it. But it is really heavy for everyday use, so I decided to get Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation in Classic Ivory because it had medium coverage. It gives me just enough coverage to hide imperfections and with my recent breakout, I need it. Also, it’s not too heavy but I noticed my face would get shiny a few hours into the day.

Nothing some blotting papers can’t fix but if I get ‘matte + poreless’ I expect to be matte for at least an 8-hour work day. I also purchased NYX’s Matte Finish Setting Spray to help keep me shine free. I like buying new foundation in the fall because I notice my “tan” get lighter and I return to my Casper lookalike phase. So I have to get a few shades lighter.

woman wearing Fall Makeup from drugstore and holding a pumpkin

I was also looking to update my eyeshadows but didn’t want to commit to the palettes they had there because they were similar to my Tarte palettes at home. So I did buy single shadows from L’Oreal. Also, I usually stay away from shimmer shadows in the fall and gravitate to more deep, matte colors.

So the two I snatched were perfect! One is L’Oreal’s Color Riche 308 Matte-ison Avenue. It’s this really pretty dark cranberry color and the second is 306 Acro-matte which is more of a rust color. Both are really pigmented and blend well with my other lighter colors.

swatch for Fall Makeup from drugstore and holding a pumpkin

L'oreal Fall Makeup from drugstore

I then saw this colored mascara. HOW FUN!!!! I loved that it was burgundy as well because it fit well for my Autumn look. This is L’Oreal’s Voluminous Original in Burgundy. It’s great for everyday wear and gives your lashes a little oomph when you need it.


Nail Polish

I then stumbled into the OPI section. I haven’t had my nails done in about a month and I carry a large collection of polish. But I haven’t had any time to sit and paint them and then you have to have time for them to dry otherwise you just wasted 20 minutes of your life. My girls are always barging into my bathroom just when I finish one hand and it’s near impossible to do anything without smudging. You’re literally held hostage until they dry.

However, I was determined to get them done that night and my burgundy-colored polish was old so we updated. I found this really pretty, shimmery dark red. But, I tend to shy away from shimmery polish when I’m doing them myself because they highlight any imperfections like smudges or lines. Nonetheless, this one was not as shimmery but not matte either. It was a perfect in between.  The color is called ‘I’m not really a waitress.’



My final purchases were two lipsticks — both mauve but completely different shades. The first is Maybelline’s Color Sensational in 445 On The Mauve. It’s in their purple collection and goes on creamy and looks great with an understated eye look.

The second one as well. It’s a little darker and stays on longer than expected. It’s Covergirl’s Colorlicious (now called Exhibitionist Cream Lipstick) 265 Romance Mauve. This is more of the mauve color I was expecting. The color on their website looks more pink but this is more or a brown tint.


Fall Makeup lipstick from drugstore

I am looking forward to getting to play with these finds this season. I love finding new makeup at the drugstore because not only are they really good, quality products but they don’t cost too much. Also, I believe most, if not all, of these items were less than $10 each. Now if I had a CVS card, I’m sure I would have saved more. Hope you find some inspiration in these items and hope you all have an amazing week! Follow me on Instagram for more updates.


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  1. 11.7.18
    Maria said:

    I love that Loreal mascara in that fun color!

    • 11.7.18
      Luna & Isabella said:

      I know, how fun??!!? I used to have cobalt blue mascara and thought I was so fly in middle school.

  2. 11.8.18
    lkdugg2 said:

    NYX is my jam!!! I love almost everything they put out. Great drug store haul!

    • 11.12.18
      Maria Munoz said:

      I love NYX!!!

  3. 11.8.18
    Soledad said:

    Love the make up colors need new ones thank you since we have same skin complexion will be perfect

    • 11.12.18
      Maria Munoz said:

      You have to try this look!

  4. 11.12.18
    Elise said:

    Love this! The fall inspired colors are absolutely gorgeous! The way you talk about the products is so informative and well put together! Bravo sister

  5. 11.12.18
    Kim said:

    You picked up some really cute stuff! The rust eyeshadow color is so gorgeous and those lipsticks are the perfect everyday lip color too.

    • 11.12.18
      Luna & Isabella said:

      Thanks Kim! I love how pigmented they are and the lipsticks are really my everyday go-to’s.

  6. 11.12.18
    Adina said:

    I love Maybelline products! I’m always looking at their new lipsticks! Tip for doing your nails – get the Essie Gel Setter Top Coat! It literally dries your nails in minutes and no smudging! I discovered it a couple of years ago and I swear by it!

    • 11.12.18
      Luna & Isabella said:

      Thank you so much Adina! I will be trying the Essie top coat. I use Revlon’s Extra Life No Chip Topcoat and it makes the color last but does take a while to dry.

  7. 11.12.18
    aermjb21 said:

    I love all your product picks! So many good choices! The lip colors and nail color are beautiful too, thanks for sharing girl!

    • 11.13.18
      Luna & Isabella said:

      Thanks for reading!! I recently took the polish to the salon to get a manicure and it came out much better than doing it myself. I appreciate the color even more!

  8. 11.13.18
    Marissa|Shabby Chic + Cheap said:

    You scored some great things! I have heard nothing but good reviews on the Fit Me foundation, I haven’t tried it before but it’s on my list of things to try!

    I’m definitely going to head out to CVS to look for that mascara! Such a fun color! Love all your recommendations! 🙂

    • 11.13.18
      Luna & Isabella said:

      Thanks Marissa!! Let me know what you think about the Foundation. I’d love to hear your review!

  9. 11.13.18
    ashleyb said:

    Love your recommendations and that all these are reasonably priced!

    • 11.13.18
      Luna & Isabella said:

      Thank you Ashley! Yes, I’m always down for budget-friendly products.

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