New Year’s Eve Outfits I’m Loving

We’re two weeks away from ringing in 2022!! Although I’ll be cozied up at home with my little family, it doesn’t mean I can’t relive my 20s by doing a little dress-up.

Those were the years you’d catch me at a party dancing the night away. While a lot has changed, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a little sparkle.

Here are a few cute NYE outfits I’m loving to turn heads during the countdown.

I’m loving this duster to pair with trousers if you’re more of a casual-style type of girl. It’s so pretty and still adds some sparkle to your outfit.

These leggings are so fun. If you don’t want to go head-to-toe in sequin, you could pair it with a cozy sweater.

I also love how this fitted sequin long-sleeve bodysuit looks paired with denim if you’re keeping it a bit more low-key.

New Year's Eve outfit ideas to wear for women

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