Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024: Early Access Dates

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024 is an annual event that takes place mid-summer. It’s a great opportunity for shoppers to score big discounts on pre-season clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods.

nordstrom anniversary sale 2024 preview

I can’t wait to see what’s going to be on sale this year!

I love covering the sale for my readers and keeping you on top of any restocks and styling options.

The Nordstrom Sale is open to the public July 15th.

Keep reading to learn more including how you can shop the sale early.

Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Details

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale offers new arrivals from brands like Thread & Supply, Madewell, Sam Edelman, and Sweaty Betty at a discount.

No discount code required!

The sale is available to Nordstrom cardholders first, allowing them to shop before opening to the public on July 15th.

You’ll be able to preview sale items June 27, 2024.

No lie, the fear of seeing the ‘sold out’ on items I wanted to purchase a few years ago pushed me to apply.

But there are really good perks to having the card so I don’t regret it at all.

However, please don’t feel like you have to apply for this, or any, credit card.

Credit cards are great for establishing credit but do come with a great deal of discipline and responsibility so as to not adversely affect you.

OK, now that I got my banker disclaimer out of the way, let’s continue.

If you’re interested you can apply for the Nordstrom Card. When you sign up, there are a few perks that come with becoming a cardholder. You can also apply for a Nordstrom debit card online.

nordy club levels

The Nordy Club is the Nordstrom rewards program, giving you rewards, fashion access, exclusive services, and amazing experiences.

Joining the program is free, but how many points you earn per dollar spent depends on whether or not you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card.

There are 3 levels in the Nordy Club:

  • INFLUENCER—entry level for a Nordstrom cardmember who spends less than $5,000 net on qualifying items at Nordstrom locations
  • AMBASSADOR—minimum of $5,000 net spend on qualifying items at Nordstrom locations
  • ICON—minimum of $15,000 net spend on qualifying items at Nordstrom locations using a Nordstrom card

For more information on what each status perks include, be sure to check out this page.

When you shop using your Nordstrom card, you earn points towards Nordstrom notes to use at Nordstrom in-store,,, or through the Nordstrom app.

Using your card to make a purchase gives you 2 points for every $1 spent. And for a limited time, Nordstrom is giving $40 in Nordstrom notes for new card members to use on future purchases.

You will also earn 3 points per dollar spent when you have Ambassador or Icon status.

If you are already a Nordstrom cardholder, this is also a great time to use your double points. I usually spend the most at Nordstrom during this sale so it’s best to cash in on rewards.

There are also events throughout the year that allow you to earn double points on purchases.

2024 nordstrom anniversary sale dates

nordstrom anniversary dates 2024
  • July 9: Early Access for cardmembers with Icon status.
  • July 10: Early Access for cardmembers with Ambassador status.
  • July 11: Early Access for all Nordstrom card holders (AKA Influencer status)
  • July 15: The Anniversary Sale opens to the general public on July 15th online and in-store.
  • The Anniversary Sale ends on August 4th.

Don’t forget to share this Nordstrom sale guide with your friends and family so they’re in the know!

will there be a Nordstrom anniversary sale 2024 catalog?

Nordstrom used to send out a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog to cardholders a couple of weeks before the online preview.

The mailer would include a preview of the items included in the sale.

Unfortunately, they have discontinued the catalog mailer but will have the preview online at June 27th at Noon ET.

nordstrom anniversary sale 2024 dates


These changes are items that many shoppers have been asking for, so it’s nice to see that they are listening.

  • SHORTER EARLY ACCESS – in the past, individuals with early access (have to have a Nordstrom credit card to qualify) to shop the sale had over a week of shopping prior to the sale going live for public access.  This caused some frustration due to sold-out or canceled orders during public access.  Now there will be a longer public access sale
  • EASIER TO REMEMBER START TIME – Nordstrom has decided to change the start of each sale phase to midnight EST on  Before, it was at 3 am PST which confused a lot of shoppers.
  • THREE EARLY ACCESS SHOP PHASES VS. FOUR – Insider and Influencer loyalty levels are now combined for less confusion. 
  • MORE CANADA PREVIEW/DIGITAL CATALOG – some new features added for shoppers in Canada like Add to Wish List and online Early Access passes. 
  • ABILITY TO ADD SOLD-OUT ITEMS TO WISH LIST – this was the #1 feature customers asked for.  Now you can add sold-out items to your wish list for easy shopping if the item comes back in stock. You’ll receive an email when the item is back in stock — how convenient is that?
  • SELECTION UPDATES – 100 new brands offered like Open Edit, Naked Wardrobe, Farm Rio, Westman Atelier Beauty, White Label, and more.  
  • DAILY BEAUTY DROPS – there will be beauty-specific daily deals with new drops each day of the public sale. Up to 50% off selected items.


There is no time limit for returns or exchanges. According to the Nordstrom website, they will do their best to take care of customers and deal with them fairly; they ask that their customers treat them fairly as well.

From time to time they may not accept a return. Here is the entire return policy including the FAQ to help you with what you may need.

How to Prepare for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

To begin, make sure you’re taking advantage of the preview starting July 3rd. Here is a link for easy access on that date.

Take Inventory

A week before the sale, you should take inventory of what you currently have in your closet. Use this checklist to check off what you already have in your closet. What items are you needing? Which items would be a great addition to your closet? Because of the discount, it’s a great time to get investment pieces you’ll wear year after year.

I don’t purchase super trendy items because I want my clothes to have multiple uses. This cuts down on clutter and also allows you to make numerous outfit combos with the clothes you already have.

WANT MORE SHOPPING TIPS? READ THIS: NSale: How to Shop the Biggest Sale of the Year

If you’re a seasoned NSale participant, you know many of the same items go on sale each year. If there is an item that you were on the fence about before and want to give it a go this year, plan a visit to Nordstrom before the sale.

This way you can try on the item before the sale so you know exactly what size you need. Saving you time and also lessening the chances of that item being out of stock by the time you get to exchange it.

Also, when in doubt, ‘add to cart’ and check out fast! You can always return the item if it is indeed not a great fit.

Add to Favorites

To make things easier on yourself, I would suggest saving items to your wish list at When the prices drop, you’ll get a notification and link to your item making it easier to shop.

This will also make it easier to check throughout the sale to see if items have been restocked. Fair warning, many of the higher-tiered shoppers tend to snag the most desired items.

But many times, they will return some of their purchases before the sale ends.

This is when it pays to have the items in favorites or also get a notification when items are back in stock. I will also be sharing items I find back in stock on my Instagram stories so be sure to check back often.

Sign Up for Updates

You’ll also want to sign up for email updates to stay ahead of any news about the sale or you can always check back here.

Also, make sure you’re following me on the LTK app here where I’ll be posting regularly about new add-ons and restocks.


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