Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022: How To Shop The Biggest Sale Of The Year

The 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is live so I thought it would be a great time to share some sale tips and best practices when it comes to shopping it this year. The Nordstrom sale is definitely overhyped, but for good reason.

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While Nordstrom has sales year-round, the NSALE is when you can get new fall/winter items on sale before the season. While we don’t get much of a winter here in the south, I do like to get wardrobe essentials like a good blazer, jacket, and shoes!

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Before deciding what to buy during the sale, head over to your closet and look at what items you already have. If you just bought a faux leather jacket last year, chances are you can skip right ahead to another wardrobe essential. To make things easier, I have a FREE fall/winter wardrobe essentials download so you can check items off the list that you already own.


Setting a budget is going to keep you on the right financial path. The sale can be very tempting and it’s easy to go overboard with compulsive shopping. That is why it is smart to set a budget and stick to it. See which items are more important to you and allocate more funds to those items you’ll wear again and again.


I want to make sure you understand that I would never advocate opening a credit card solely for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I made the mistake a few years back because of the early sale access. While I am pretty conservative in my spending, I don’t recommend opening the card just for that.

I will add that having the card has its benefits if you are a regular Nordstrom shopper, as I am. You can take advantage of the Nordy points that you accumulate as you make a purchase. The notes then transfer into actual funds you can use toward future Nordstrom purchases. There is also an alterations credit you can use and more.


The digital catalog will be available on June 29th, days before the sale goes live. This gives shoppers an opportunity to see which items will be discounted. It helps beat the frenzy of buying and gives you a chance to plan ahead.


Once the preview is live, I suggest adding items to your wishlist. This will help narrow down your shopping list. It’s also a great placeholder for the items you are considering so you don’t have to hunt them down when it’s your turn to shop. Give it a couple of days and then start narrowing down your wishlist to the items that you absolutely need.


I will be sharing sale updates, including restocks and outfit ideas to my newsletter subscribers so be sure to sign up here.


What is your style? Are you more casual, do you work in a professional work environment, or are you a stay-at-home mom? What items make you feel good wearing them? Pinpoint what you love to wear and look for those items that will fit seamlessly in your closet. I prefer to extend my cost per wear by thinking about all the different outfit ideas I can plan with a certain piece of clothing.


Shopping should be fun! And shopping for discounted items should be even more fun. That being said, don’t get hung up on the items that sell out. There are always a few hot items that everybody wants. If they sell out:

Breathe! Not the end of that item (or the world)

Make sure you have alternates. If you really need a faux leather jacket, add a few alternatives to your wishlist just in case.

Be patient!

Chances are Nordstrom will restock best sellers throughout the sale. They know not everyone will be able to shop on the first day the sale goes live, so they strategically restock throughout the sale.

Be even more patient.

Wait until the sale is over. Chances are there will be a ton of returns and that will be your chance to buy. Yes, it may be at full price, but if you are not ready to pay retail, then do you really want that item??

I hope these tips are helpful going into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale if you decide to shop this year. Be sure to bookmark the Nordstrom tab or sign up for our newsletter for future details.

Nordstrom anniversary sale shopping tips

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