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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview Picks + Lookbook (2021)

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale sneak peek is here! You can finally get a glimpse of the items that will be available for you to shop at a discount beginning July 28th. I’m sharing my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview picks and what caught my eye. You may still be able to…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Still in Stock!

We’re a few days into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access and I bet you’re wondering what’s still in stock. Not sure what ‘Early Access’means? I broke down the whole sale in detail so make sure you check it out. The sale doesn’t open to the public until August 19…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top 10 Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale sneak peek is live and I’m sharing my top 10 picks with you. Unfortunately, with the way things are during this pandemic, I wouldn’t want to entice unnecessary spending. This is a peek into my wish list; not necessarily everything I will buy. Below you’ll find…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On

I’ve received about 75% of my purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I couldn’t wait to try everything on. My main concern is to see how versatile each piece is and how many wears I can get out of them. The last thing I want to do is spend…

Nordstrom Trunk Club Summer Tryon

My shopping trips after having kids has changed drastically these past few years. I’m usually allotted about 15 minutes to speed browse while my husband tries to contain both of my kids. So what about trying on the clothes? Forget it! I just pay and pray that the clothes fit.…

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