Pull-Through Braid Tutorial

If you’re like me, getting your hair to look good takes some effort.  If I don’t surrender my hair to heat styling tools then I end up looking like a troll doll.  There’s a lot of hair for me to work with and it can be time-consuming, so I’m excited that I stumbled upon this hairstyle while on Pinterest.

Not to mention that it gives me an opportunity to give my hair a break from all the heat tools while still looking put together, and not like I just rolled outta bed.  I noticed a lot of “braided” hairstyles that had voluminous and thick braids,  and then I found it!  The pull-through braid!!  It took some practice but after a few tries, I got it.

It’s so convenient to do when my hair is not looking so sleek and I don’t want (or have time) to blow dry or flat iron.  I recorded my tutorial here for you to view and hope you get to try this style soon.  If you do, please send me a pic because I would love to see it.


  1. Thin elastics-  I bought mine at Kroger for under $2 and it came with 40 multi-colored bands.  I would recommend you buy some that match your hair color or get those clear rubber bands.  These will blend into your braid and make it look 10x better.  For the sake of the video, I opted for light-colored bands to better show the braid technique.
  2. Hair clip- The hair clip in the tutorial is not ideal, but it’s what I had handy.  I would recommend a large banana clip to hold a thick section of hair.  Those are easier to insert and won’t mess up your do as you progress while style.
  3. Texturizing product-  If you want to really pump up the volume, then spraying some product into your roots will help create that super-thick braid.

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  1. 10.31.18
    laura said:

    It’s so pretty and seems so easy! I love it! I want to give it a try b/c I can’t braid worth a darn!

    • 10.31.18
      Luna & Isabella said:

      Super easy!! Give it a try and send me a pic!!