21 Stylish Quarter-Zip Pullovers to Wear Now

Now that the weather is starting to turn, it’s a great time to pull out your stylish quarter-zip pullovers. Break out the pullovers and hoodies, because it is finally sweater weather!

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I love a cute, chic pullover this time of year. Pullovers have really elevated these past few years and now look great in the gym as well as the office.

While the sweater seen here is not a quarter-zip perse, it does have that collared look just like a quarter-zip would. This sweater was gifted by Revolve and I just love the oversized fit.

What is a Quarter-zip Pullover?

One of my favorite pullover styles of the moment is quarter-zip sweatshirts. They are a hot item this year and can be found in so many styles and retailers. These pullovers usually come with a zipper in the front that zips only a quarter, or sometimes half, of the sweater’s length.

I love this because I have a hard time not getting makeup on my crewneck sweaters. This way, I can zip down just enough so the pullover is not touching my face or neck. Women’s quarter-zip pullovers come in a variety of fabrics.

There are many available for working out with moisture-wicking materials like polyester. For this post, I’m focusing on pullovers that you can wear out around town or even to the office.

Some sweaters even come with an oversized fit. Because of the extra volume up top, I like to pair these with leggings, skinny jeans, or a mini skirt.

Are Quarter Zip Sweaters Available for Men?

Absolutely! I love a 1/4 zip on a guy and it really elevates the look. As opposed to just putting on any pullover, these sweaters can be a great option for a casual Friday or weekend wear.

Stylish Women’s Quarter-Zip Pullovers for Fall

Here are 20 more chic and cute quarter-zip sweaters from all different price points that will be a hit this season.

Under $50



over $150

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