Brunch Approved: Sherbet Mimosa Recipe

This easy sherbet mimosa recipe will wow your guests at your next brunch party.

One thing synonymous with brunch is a refreshing mimosa. But we decided to pair two of our favorites — mimosas and dessert — for a refreshing twist to your classic mimosa.

I love this drink recipe because it’s super simple and also delicious. Try this recipe for your next bridal luncheon or Mother’s Day brunch.


This easy sherbet mimosa recipe requires just two ingredients. The first is sparkling wine. For this recipe, we used Poema Cava Brut. Poema prides itself in its small production of wine using sustainably farmed fruit grown in organic fertilizer and no herbicides.


Poema Cava is made utilizing Metodo Tradicional, the same traditional method used to craft Champagne, perfect when in need of a little bubbly.

This Spanish wine served as the base for our fruity orange sherbet mimosa recipe. Poema Cava Brut is perfect to balance out the sweetness of the sherbet. Brut sparkling wines are more on the dry side and make a better option than sweeter sparkling wines.

The second ingredient is your sherbet, not to be confused with sorbet. While both make great options for mimosas, we prefer the milkier sherbet.

Sherbet contains dairy while sorbet does not. The dairy in the sherbet gives this drink recipe a frothy, almost float-like consistency. It looks like a root beer float, bubbly and frothy.


We put three scoops of the sherbet into a champagne flute. You could definitely use any wine glass for this recipe.

Next, just top off with Poema Cava until the bubbles reach the top. Pour slowly so you don’t spill.

Finally, for garnishment, we added a sliced cutie. These small clementines fit well with our theme and look so cute perched on the glass.

Thank you Poema Cava for sponsoring this post.

This post was all about an easy sherbet mimosa recipe.

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