LTK Spring Sale 2024: Everything You Need to Know About the 4-Day Sale

Everything you need to know about the LTK Spring Sale 2024, plus how you can save big during this LTK app-exclusive sale.

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ltk spring sale 2024

I’m sharing all the deets for you to successfully shop the LTK sale like a pro! Get in on the app-exclusive sale by doing a little prep work — which I’ll cover here!

This year’s 4-day LTK Spring Sale is March 8-11, 2024.

Before we start, we need to equip you with the most important tool, the app. You can download it in the Apple Store or Google Play here.

From L to R: Abercrombie 90s Relaxed Jeans | Abercrombie Tailored Shorts | Abercrombie Luxeloft Sweater Tee | Abercrombie Crochet Mosaic Tile Shell Top | Abercrombie Crochet Mosaix Tile Mini Skirt

What Is The LTK ( App?

The LTK app allows you to browse items from your favorite brands and search for recommendations from influencers and bloggers.

You can shop for fashion, beauty, kids, home, and family favorites in one stop. It’s also a great way for influencers, like myself, to post the items we share on social media.

If you see me wearing something on Instagram or hear me talk about a new skincare favorite, chances are they will be linked on the LTK app.

The reason the LTK app is super important is that it’s the only way for you to get the LTK sale codes to get the discounts. Only items that are from participating brands will be marked to receive the discount.

How To Download & Set Up the LTK App

First, you will have to download the LTK app from the app store or Google Play.

Once downloaded, continue by setting up your profile. Then, you can start searching for your favorite LTK creators.

If you see one you like, you can hit the ‘FOLLOW’ button. This will prompt all their posts to show up on your LTK feed.

If you see a post that catches your eye, click on the image to be directed to the post. There, you will find full details of the items that the LTK influencer linked.

Sometimes, items that the influencer is wearing may be out of stock. Many times, we’ll link to similar items so you can get the ‘look’ you see in the picture.

One feature that I absolutely love is the ‘favorites‘ feature. By clicking the heart icon, it saves the item to your favorites. It will also send you sale alerts straight to your inbox when there is a price drop.

So if you are not ready to shop, be sure to use this function to bookmark the items for later.

The LTK Sale is only a few days so you’ll want to do your “research” in order to keep from getting overwhelmed.

Many influencers will start linking items from participating retailers so you can search for items that catch your eye. Days before the sale you’ll want to favorite these items.

Then, when the sale is live, you can go into your favorites folder and the LTK discount code will be provided for you to use at checkout.


To use the promo codes for the LTK sale brand retailers, you have to shop through the LTK app.

On the first day of the sale, LTK posts that include products from participating LTK sale brands will be flagged with a ‘Spring Sale or LTK Exclusive Sale’ banner.

Once you maximize, or open, the LTK post, you’ll notice a red flag on the corners of products included in the sale.

Once you tap on a product, it will open to reveal the discount details including a ‘Copy Promo’ button to copy the promo code.

PRO TIP: Once you copy the promo code, you can paste it into your phone’s notes app so you don’t have to keep coming back to the app to copy. Remember, each brand participating in the LTK Spring Sale has its own discount code. You can, however, use the code as many times throughout the sale period.

Next, you will click the ‘Shop Now’ button and will immediately be redirected to the retailer’s product page where you can select sizing and other options.

Finally, once your shopping is complete, you can check out as you normally would. Don’t forget to paste the promo code in the designated discount code box before finishing checkout so you can receive the discount.

LTK spring Sale Dates + Retailers

This year’s 4-day LTK Spring Sale is March 8-11, 2024. You can expect great deals from fashion and beauty retailers.

Expect amazing discounts from Abercrombie & Fitch, Anthropologie, ELF, Tarte, Aerie, and more.


ltk spring sale 2024

Abercrombie – 20% off sitewide

Anthropologie – 20% off $100 order

e.l.f – 40% off $35 order

The Styled Collection – 40% off sitewide

Wrangler – 25% off sitewide

tarte – 30% off sitewide

Pura – 25% off sitewide

aerie – 25% off sitewide

VICI – 30% off sitewide

American Eagle – 25% off sitewide

Urban Outfitters – 25% off sitewide

As always, don’t forget to follow along on Instagram where I share daily finds, and follow along on LTK storefront so you can easily shop those finds.


This post was all about the LTK Sale and how to shop the sale.

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