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If you’re like me, you gravitate towards following some pretty-stylish ladies on the gram.  And while I hate to admit the amount of time I spend on social media, I will say most of that time is scrolling through some fashion inspiration a la dressupbuttercup, hellofashionblog and interiordesignerella.

With each changing season comes a new trend and I have noticed many of these ladies rocking the same items but putting their own style and spin to it.  No two looks are ever the same! I love to see what each comes up with and that’s really what keeps me sneaking a peek at their pages time after time again.  So here I have rounded up a few looks that I am pinning to my inspiration wall.

Over The Knee Boots

This pint-sized princess can rock OTK boots like nobody else.  You would think tall boots were made for mile-long legs, but Chelsea creates height with her fabulous ensembles.  Her outfits are put together, stylish and always compliment her size.

Chelsea Olivia on Luna & Isabella blog

Image Credit: chelseaolivia13

 Leopard Print

So nice she did it three times!  No way you can go wrong with leopard print.  Leopard just goes with about everything in your closet and Shelbi shows just how versatile the print can be.  Pair it with black or tan and it creates an edgy look every time!


Image Credit: itsallchictome

Teddy Pullovers

No doubt about it, it’s sweater weather and what screams warm and cozy more than a fluffy, over-sized knit? Margret looks like the epitome of comfort with jeans and this snuggly pullover.

Style the Girl on Luna & Isabella blog

Image Credit: stylethegirl

Plaid Blazers

OK, this one I’m kerrently after.  Plaid blazers can pull together any outfit to make you look polished and not like you just rolled out of bed.  I mean, you totally could — just layer on a blazer and no one’s the wiser.  Courtney easily dresses up a graphic tee with this blazer and looks so edgy, but still refined.


Image Credit: kerrently

Felt Fedoras

With dropping temps, you gotta keep your head warm.  So instead of just plopping some beanie on top of your noggin (although I do love me some beanies) opt for a stylish fedora.  These accessories are all over Instagram this season and come in a ton of colors.  I recently rocked one of my own, but am on the hunt for a grey or black one.

hollie on luna & isabella blog

Image Credit: holliewdwrd

Girls Squads

This is my favorite!!  All across my feed are pictures of girls supporting each other and being each others’ biggest cheerleaders.  This is what I want my girls to grow up seeing.  Not the jealous, bitter people that sometimes rear their nasty heads on someone’s feed to spew some unsolicited, mean-spirited opinion.  I want them to see that everyone can succeed including themselves.  There’s no need to tear someone down to try to make yourself look better.  By building each other up, we all win.  Kindness and compassion never go out of style.

Champagneandchanel on luna & isabella blog

Image Credit: champagneandchanel


Image Credit: natalie_keinan


Image Credit: newtexacali

I love looking at how people make a certain fashion piece their own.  That’s why I love fashion — because its not a one size fits all.  It’s individualized to a persons’ likes, taste, and style.  It’s a chance to make an article of clothing your own.  Rock it how you want to and never look back.  

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