Cute Swimsuits for Women to Wear in 2024

Looking for cute swimsuits to wear this summer? We’re sharing what to look for when buying a swimsuit for your body type. Plus, swimsuits and accessories to have the best summer.

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affordable swimsuits for women

We’re fast approaching the beginning of swimsuit season, and I cannot wait for lazy days at the beach or bumming it at the community pool.

Before having kids, I had such a crazy collection of swimsuits; it bordered hoarder status – really!

But as my body has changed and as I get older it has become a struggle to find swimsuits that are not only cute but comfortable to wear. Let’s face it, as moms, there’s just some swimwear that will not cut it.

My girls love a good game of Marco Polo so my swimwear has to keep up.

I have grown to love a good one-piece. Probably the best option if you stay active running after littles (sad saying that because they’re not so little anymore.)

However, there are days when you just want to don a sexy bikini so I’ve included some cute styles here too.

cute swimsuits for women

But before we get started, we need to narrow down our swimsuit search. There are tons of options out there so it’s best to narrow down the style you like and feel good in.

If the suit doesn’t fit right, chances are you will not wear it. And that starts by shopping for your body type.


If wearing a swimsuit is causing you a little anxiety, you’re not alone. I’ve been there and know the feeling.

But I also want to say that you’ll most certainly regret not getting out there and enjoying your life. WEAR. THE. SWIMSUIT!

The best advice I’ve heard is to stop focusing on what you don’t like and instead highlight what you love about your body.

There are suits to flatter any body type, but first, you need to narrow it down.


Pear Shape

You’re curvy through your hips and thighs. If you’re looking to balance your proportions look for plunging necklines or ruffles up top.

This brings the eye upward and also creates a little width to your top half. Also looking for suits with a solid, dark color on the bottom and prints or vibrant colors up top.

You may also want to avoid boy shorts which widen the hips with the horizontal cut-off.

Athletic Build

If you’re a little more straight up and down but want to enhance curves, try playing with ruffles, bold prints, or embellishments.

Many bikinis also come with an optional insert inside the bra to add a little more lift and shape up top. Also, look for high-cut swimsuit bottoms to enhance curves. Look for ties to adjust to your liking.

Larger Bust

If you’re looking for a little more support up top, look for bra-like bikini tops. Many have adjustable straps for that extra support.

Thicker bands will also help keep the suit comfortable for long wear.

Smaller Bust

For those with smaller busts, you have the range to play around with many swimsuit styles. A cute bandeau, asymmetrical necklines, or even string bikinis will all flatter a smaller chest.

Many styles also come with padded inserts to give you a little more volume if needed. This one-piece swimsuit is so gorgeous.

Apple Shape

If you tend to hold more around your middle, look for suits that bring the eye upward. Color-blocking is a good option.

There are also suits with a criss-cross fabric on the torso to give a more hourglass shape.


  1. Nordstrom
  2. Everything but Water
  3. Summersalt
  4. Solid & Striped
  5. Cocoship
  6. Away That Day
  7. Becca Swim
  8. Swimsuits for All

The best advice I have when trying to find the perfect suit is to try out tons of different options.

Many swimsuits may look super cute on the rack but may be ill-fitting. Also, take into consideration what you’ll be doing when you wear your swimsuit.

I say this because I once had a crochet bikini that looked horrible when wet. I know, why the hell did I wear a crochet bikini in the first place?

Now with kids, I have to be sure that the material is secure and I can move around without any restrictions.

The last thing you want is a boob falling out mid-slide. Here are a few more options that I’m currently loving now.






Do you have anything planned this summer? If so, let me know below!

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