The Tan Luxe Drops That Had Us Glowing (Even In Winter)

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This post is all about the Tan Luxe drops for the face and how to use Tan Luxe The Face. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

tan luxe the face

I am so excited to reveal my fake tan results after using Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating tanning drops. I’ve heard so much about this product and thought it was time to do a Tan Luxe drops review.

Funny story…

My experience with self-tanners goes way back, like 7th grade back. I’ve always been super pale and I remember once in 7th grade, I embarrassed myself so badly.

I was a cheerleader and it was game day. We had to wear skirts so, naturally, I was horrified with my pale legs.

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I found a self-tanning bottle in my mom’s bathroom. This thing had to be old.

I mean, like really old, and let’s not forget this is the 90s. The products back then were nothing like we have today.

I applied it all over and woke up the next morning with the most blotchy, orange (I mean Oompa Loompa orange.)

I also did not wash my hands so they were a mess! Horrified!!!!

Tan Luxe

Fast forward, today there are so many products to choose from on the market. And there’s no reason for you to damage your skin by laying out, unprotected in the sun or tanning beds. Oh my, do you remember tanning beds? How are they not illegal?

Well, I’ve tried my share of self-tanners; isle of paradise, tanning mousse, tanning lotion, you name it. But I never applied on my face self-tanner on my face. So when I learned about Tan-Luxe tanning drops and how they are the best self-tanning drops, I decided to try them out.

What is Tan Luxe?

Tan-Luxe self-tanner is a cruelty and toxin-free concentrate. It’s made to be mixed with your favorite moisturizer, serum, or face oil to reveal a sun-kissed glow.

According to the Tan-Luxe website, their Triple Tan Technology combines a blend of organic tanning actives. They work with your skin tone to give you a natural-looking tan. It’s also really simple to apply.

The formula contains raspberry seed oil, Aloe Vera, and vitamin E. It’s also formulated at a pH of 4.5 to minimize the traditional self-tanner smell. I love this because no one wants to walk around smelling like a self-tanner, especially on your face.

The Tan-Luxe Illuminating drops do not contain any SPF. It is wise to add sunscreen before applying, or do as I do. Apply your self-tanner at night before bed so you don’t have to worry about the sun.

tan luxe drops how long to develop

Tan-Luxe also carries a variety of other self-tanning products.

The Original Tailor-Made Self-Tanning Drops For Face The Original Tailor-Made Self-Tanning Drops For Body Hydrating, Vitamin-Infused Self-Tanning Water The World’s First Hyaluronic, Superfood, Self-Tan Serum

The product I’m most excited to use is the Super Glow. This tanning hybrid marries the tanning power of Tan-Luxe with hyaluronic acid and superfoods.

The formula includes seven antioxidant-rich superfoods:

  • Chia Seed Oil: helps maintain healthy moisture levels
  • Beetroot Extract: works to brighten the complexion
  • Raspberry Seed Oil: a natural anti-oxidant
  • Avocado Oil: rich in fatty acids & vitamin E
  • Kale Extract: brightens & tightens skin
  • Blueberry Extract: rich in antioxidants
  • Coconut Oil: helps reduce the look of inflammation

The Tan-Luxe The Water is a clear, odorless mist that allows you to easily apply without fuss. It also claims to be transfer-proof so you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes stained.

How to Use Tan Luxe The Face Illuminating Tanning Drops

For a natural-looking bronzed glow, mix 1-12 drops into your face moisturizer, serum, facial oil, or body lotion in the palm of your hand. Then apply evenly to your face.

For a more intense tan, mix more drops to achieve a deeper look.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying, or you will be left with tan hands.

I am fair so I decided to go with the Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating self-tan drops in light/medium. I loved how subtle the color was upon first use.

It was nice to progressively add on to my fake tan as the days went on. This made it easy to gauge when I had reached the best color match for the rest of my body.

I use 2-4 drops during every application.

If I desire a darker tone, then I’ll follow up the next day with another 2-6 drops. On the Tan-Luxe website, they provided this chart to help get the results you’re after.


  • 2 drops = radiant
  • 4 drops = sun-kissed
  • 8 drops = golden
  • 12 drops = bronzed

There are two options for you to choose from- light/medium and medium/dark. Tan-Luxe recommends you choose your shade based on your skin tone, not your desired result:

How Long Does Tan Luxe Last?

For this Tan Luxe drops review, I decided to apply only two drops each night.

I continued until I achieved the desired tan tone. The tan lasted only a few days. This could be due to frequent washing of my face.

I also noticed that when I used my exfoliating pads, the color seemed to fade more quickly. I would not suggest using exfoliants as this will shorten the tan.

You could use the drops every day. However, I suggest skipping 1-2 days in between to maintain your desired color.

tan luxe drops reviews

Do Tan Luxe Face Drops Make You Break Out?

I have oily, acne-prone skin and I did get one pimple on my cheek.

Now, it is hard to determine whether this was due to the tanning drops or other factors. However, it was a small pimple and there was only one.

I did not experience my pores being clogged with the product – so that’s good!

Tan-Luxe DROPS Before and After

I definitely saw results after the first use. I did it two days in a row and I finally settled on two days, with 3 drops each day. The following pictures are unfiltered without any makeup.

Houston lifestyle blogger Maria Munoz
No Makeup, Pre-Application
tan luxe before after
After 1 day of using Tan-Luxe (3 drops in moisturizer)
tan luxe the face before and after
After 2 days of using Tan-Luxe (3 drops in moisturizer)

I did want to relay some extra information when using these tanning drops.

I read in a Facebook group that someone suggested pouring the entire contents of the Tan-Luxe drops into a bottle of moisturizer and use daily.

They mentioned that this would help them maintain the color.

I would not recommend doing this because you never know how the product would react to being mixed with another product for a period of time.

You also run the risk of wasting your tanning drops if, for some reason, the mixture turns color or starts to develop a smell.

I have never experienced this, but I don’t even want to risk having to throw it all out.

I’d use the product as recommended by Tan-Luxe and only mix the concentrate and moisturizer or serum as you go.

Hopefully, this Tan-Luxe review helped decide whether to use these tanning drops or not.

So far, I have enjoyed my experience and look forward to trying out additional products.

if you’ve used Tan-Luxe the Face or any other products, please share your thoughts below.

This post was all about Tan Luxe drops and whether they work or not.

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