Chic Neutral Outfit Ideas to Wear for Thanksgiving

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Kick off the holiday season in style with these Thanksgiving outfit ideas. We obviously love a good neutral outfit year-round, so why stop now?

Neutrals are the quintessential fall color palette for us capsule wardrobe girlies and these fall outfit ideas to wear on Thanksgiving (and beyond) are definitely up our alley.


Your Thanksgiving outfit will be greatly influenced by the type of gathering you will be attending.

Are you staying in and cooking for your small family?

Will you be visiting the in-laws and traveling throughout the day?

These are all factors that come into play when deciding the perfect outfit. Thanksgiving is generally a casual and family-oriented holiday, so you’ll want to wear something comfortable yet festive.

Here are some ideas for casual Thanksgiving attire:

  1. Jeans or Casual Pants: A nice pair of jeans or casual pants can be a good choice. Darker colors can give a slightly dressier feel.
  2. Sweater or Casual Top: Choose a cozy sweater, a casual button-down shirt, or a comfortable blouse. Fall colors like deep reds, oranges, or browns can add a festive touch.
  3. Layers: Depending on the weather, consider adding layers like a cardigan or a stylish scarf for both warmth and style.
  4. Comfortable Shoes: Thanksgiving often involves spending a lot of time on your feet, whether it’s in the kitchen or socializing. Choose comfortable shoes, such as stylish flats or casual boots.
  5. Casual Dresses: If you prefer dresses, choose something in a comfortable, casual fabric. A fall-themed dress or one in warm, earthy tones can be a great choice.
  6. Accessories: Add accessories like statement jewelry, a stylish watch, or a seasonal hat to complete or elevate your casual look.


Thanksgiving Outfits with Jeans

Yes, you can wear jeans to Thanksgiving. If the occasion is more on the relaxed casual side, jeans are a perfect idea. We do suggest wearing some that are comfortable and allow you to move.

Leave the skin-tight jeans at home — bonus points if they have some stretch. Top with a cozy sweater and boots or loafers to complete the look.

Thanksgiving Outfits Women

Jeans | Coat | Boots

Thanksgiving Outfits with Ballet Flats

One of the hottest style trends in 2023 is the ballet flat. Ballet flats are not only super comfortable but also stylish.

Pair with leggings, jeans, or trousers. If you pair it with a wider leg bottom, we do suggest that the hem hit at the ankle or just above it. This will help create shape and keep you from looking too frumpy.

Thanksgiving Outfits

Jacket | Trousers | Ballet Flats

Thanksgiving Outfits for woman

Tweed Jacket | Black Jeans | Ballet Flats

Thanksgiving Outfits with Mules

Mules are a great footwear option to pair with your Thanksgiving outfit. It also makes a great option if you live somewhere where the weather is still on the warmer side.

Pair with faux leather trousers a la Kate Hutchins. Top with a striped sweater and oversized blazer for a polished, sophisticated look.

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas Pinterest

Faux Leather Trouser | Mules

Thanksgiving Outfits with Black Jeans or Black Leggings

Elevate your casual Thanksgiving outfit by swapping laid-back jeans for black denim or black leggings.

Ideally, leggings give you more of a comfortable fit. If you’d like to add a little more volume down below or want a little more coverage, swap for black jeans.

We are absolutely loving these looks paired with a black blazer or cardigan and duo-toned ballet flats.

Thanksgiving Outfits 2023

Leggings | Oversized Blazer | Stripped Sweater | Ballet Flats

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Black Jeans | Black Cardigan | Ballet Flats

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between comfort and style.

Thanksgiving is a time for relaxation and enjoyment, so wear something that allows you to join in the festivities without feeling too formal or restricted.


This post was all about Thanksgiving outfit ideas.

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